Kasisto Awarded Two Landmark Patents, Enhancing the Intelligence of KAI and the Virtual Assistants it Powers

Kasisto Awarded Two Landmark Patents, Enhancing the Intelligence of KAI and the Virtual Assistants it Powers

Patents demonstrate Kasisto’s conversational AI leadership by using data to automate conversational model building and the categorization of critical financial information 

New York (May 14, 2020)Kasisto, creators of KAI, the leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry, has been awarded two patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that promise to significantly advance the power of its Conversational AI technology to manage the intricacies of conversational data, improve model building and to streamline methods of identifying and categorizing financial transactions for its financial service customers.

Kasisto’s latest patents harness conversational data through new AI algorithms designed to retrain, reinforce and build AI models that in turn build better models. This “model training model” technology provides a better understanding of conversational data, and greatly improves the capacity of virtual assistants to be truly “intelligent and humanizing”. These patents also include KAI’s ability to automatically categorize data to be turned into consumable information that offers unique insights and experiences on demand. Having rich conversational AI technology powering digital experiences is what separates a check-box chatbot from an intelligent virtual assistant. Kasisto’s impressive patent portfolio continues to grow and continuously enhances the intelligence and authority of it’s KAI- powered virtual assistants.

“These newly awarded patents offer capabilities within our virtual assistants that no one else in the industry can provide.” says Sasha Caskey, CTO and Co-founder of Kasisto. “Kasisto’s superior technology and commitment of our data scientists to continuously advance KAI’s AI capabilities with unmatched methods and machines is demonstrated through our increasing patent portfolio. Our dedication to innovation places the KAI Platform and our virtual assistants in a category above the rest.”

Patent U.S. 10,614,377: Automation of Annotation Model Building

Patent U.S. 10,614,377 is for the automation of annotation model building, and grants the company exclusive rights to proprietary methods and machines that evaluate large amounts of annotation data and existing AI models. The process, known as autonomous annotation folding, helps the Kasisto platform, known as KAI, decide if it should add to the existing AI model, divide into separate models, or create a new model altogether. If a new model is developed, it can be returned to the pool of existing models to be used for future evaluation as new data comes into KAI. This “model training the model” has a catalyzing effect for continuous improvement of existing models and smooths the path for the development of new ones.

Patent U.S. 10,657,525: Methods of Identifying and Categorizing Financial Transactions

Patent U.S. 10,657,525 is for methods of identifying and categorizing financial transactions. Current techniques used at financial institutions for transaction categorization that enable consumers to track spending are prone to error and difficult to apply. Kasisto’s patent provides, through KAI, an advanced AI algorithm to automatically categorize transactions, and allows for easy consumable information on-demand.

According to a recent Forrester report, Machine learning (ML) is the fundamental building block of artificial intelligence (AI). It can make predictions. It can make decisions. It can recognize patterns. It scales enterprise “smarts” by learning from data…ML is not a passing trend; it is a mega-trend that will transform business and society. -“The Future of Machine Learning Is Unstoppable”, Forrester Research, Inc., April 25, 2019

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About Kasisto

KAI is the leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry. Kasisto’s customers include DBS Bank, J.P. Morgan, Emirates NBD, Standard Chartered, Absa, TD Bank, and Manulife Bank among others. They chose KAI for its proven track record to drive business results while improving customer experiences. The platform is engaging with millions of consumers around the world, all the time, across multiple channels, in different languages, and is optimized for performance, scalability, security, and compliance. KAI is built with the deepest Conversational AI portfolio in the industry.

Kasisto is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore. Kasisto Singapore Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kasisto. Follow Kasisto on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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