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Let Kasisto help you lead into the horizon by uncovering the best path to a generative AI-backed, future-ready position in the FinTech market.

Who We Work With

Collaboration with Kasisto keeps FinTech partners at the forefront of innovation.

Kasisto partners with a range of companies to deliver transformative solutions for the financial services industry. By integrating with KAI, our partners build deeper engagement and meaningful experiences.

Banking Platforms

With pressure to continuously provide greater value and more differentiated technologies, digital banking providers work with Kasisto to extend the capabilities of their platforms, delivering digital experiences to their customers powered by industry-leading, pre-integrated conversational AI.

As consumer banking trends evolve and demand for digital self-service continues to accelerate, our partnership with Kasisto will provide our clients with access to very powerful and meaningful digital experiences that deepen engagement and drive growth.

Contact Center and Customer Communication Platforms

Partnering with Kasisto allows contact center and communication platforms to strengthen digital engagement via instant, accurate service, and seamless handoffs with live agents.

By combining the secure, digital-first nature of LinkLive with the intelligence of KAI, we enable our customers to deliver personalization at scale, reduce costs and maintain the human touch essential for regional banks and credit unions.

Digital Ecosystem Partnerships

Kasisto works closely with partners across the digital banking ecosystem to ensure our solutions are backed by the latest, fastest, most secure, and regulatory-compliant technologies available. In turn, our technology partners enjoy the benefits of collaborating in some of the most leading-edge conversational and generative AI projects in the global financial services industry.

Why Partner With Us

We exist at the nexus of the banking and AI revolution and are ready to help you deploy the best, most contemporary technology available.

Diverse Global Customer Base

Kasisto works with financial institutions of all sizes and across all segments of the financial services industry.

Superior Data

Our KAI platform and KAI-GPT are built upon millions of financial interactions from around the globe, resulting in a solution that is both fine-tuned and supercharged for the financial services industry. 

Proven Distribution & Commercial Models

KAI is a pre-integrated, cloud-enabled, multi-tenant platform with revenue shares and collaborative models.

Bring the Power of KAI to Your Customers

Through our partnerships with digital banking providers, including NCR, FIS, and Q2, we embed KAI technology directly into the consumer’s authenticated digital experience.

Financial institutions implementing these platforms get access to a Kasisto intelligent digital assistant that is knowledgeable about a consumer’s personal financial data and serves as the face of conversational AI-powered digital experiences.

Our Partners

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