KAI-GPT-Large Language Model

Harness the power of generative AI to guide your customers along their digital financial journeys.

The foundation financial institutions need to leverage the power of AI


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Generative AI for Financial Services is Here

The rise of ChatGPT has made generative AI accessible to the broader population; now, you can experience intelligent generated responses combined with rich conversational capabilities tailored solely for financial institutions. 

Instead of general, widely available content, KAI-GPT uses curated financial knowledge sources and millions of banking-specific conversations to inform responses delivered via the KAI platform. And it’s all delivered securely within your trusted banking ecosystem.

The Future is Now

Already infused with natural language and intelligent responses, KAI’s generative conversational capability continually improves as it learns patterns and relationships from actual data.

Discover why generative AI powers the future of banking.

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The First Large Language Model Purpose-Built for Banking

Interested in learning how we built KAI-GPT? Find out all about our approach.

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Technology Designed with Banking Employees & Consumers in Mind

Industry-leading AI, Purpose-built for Banking


KAI-GPT was specifically designed for the banking industry, guaranteeing accurate and dependable responses encompassing various banking use cases.


We ensure complete transparency by offering full visibility into the training methodology and data sources utilized to construct our Large Language Model. And we source all content for traceability.


We emphasize data security and privacy, adhere to the most rigorous standards to protect PII, and mitigate hallucinations with a fine-tuned, domain-specific model.


By leveraging industry-specific data and content, we empower financial institutions to establish a personalized conversational AI experience that aligns with their brand and business objectives. API-accessible, our LLM enables bankers to design their own future-state AI applications.

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