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Generative and Conversational AI for the Modern FI

Kasisto AI Solutions

Our solutions are designed for financial institutions looking to lighten the load of their internal teams and deliver the best-branded banking experience to consumers. We harness the full potential of conversational AI to drive growth, optimize operations, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences at scale.

Intelligent Digital Assistants

Leverage Kasisto’s decade of experience delivering accurate, humanized banking conversations between consumers and financial institutions.

Generative AI

Explore how our large language model, KAI-GPT, can empower your employees and drive more memorable consumer experiences.

Digital Banking Integrations

Connect the systems and data within your existing banking ecosystem to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Contact Center Solutions

Empower your contact center teams with consumer data and instantaneous access to banking content.

Onboarding Services

Design your best-branded bankers and get up and running quickly with the help of our customer success team.

Data & Analytics

Optimize your AI and human teams with valuable insights, performance reporting, and recommendations.

Professional Services

Maximize the value of your KAI platform with tailored expertise and support. Various service packages align with your banking strategy and match your AI vision.


Use our pre-built interfaces to integrate the KAI platform with your existing systems, channels, and data sources.

Access KAI via Your Digital Banking Provider

Community banks and credit unions can enjoy the same high-quality, personalized digital assistants offered by the world’s largest financial institutions, but at a fraction of the cost, with no coding and negligible upkeep required.

The KAI platform comes pre-integrated with top digital banking partners like NCR, FIS, and Q2. This provides a unique, tailored, and frictionless banking experience across channels. Our integrations ensure that your financial data is always up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions instantly.

How One Global Financial Institution Is Testing Generative AI

Westpac, Australia’s first bank and oldest company serving more than 12 million customers, has delivered excellent, memorable conversational AI experiences for its employees and customers for many years. A Kasisto customer since 2020, Westpac hosts an array of digital assistants and chatbots, all managed through a KAI orchestration framework.

In May 2023, Westpac became the first commercial bank to pilot the new KAI-GPT large language model, the first LLM purpose-built for banking.

Westpac and Kasisto are testing how KAI Answers can improve cycle times, reduce costs, and improve the experience for loan brokers, contact center agents, and customers.

How One Credit Union Built an AI + Human Team with a KAI IDA

Meriwest Credit Union was looking to provide around-the-clock assisted service by introducing AI to its member care team. Rather than doing so during a period of relative calm, Meriwest decided to introduce its new intelligent digital assistant, Scout, while in the midst of a banking systems conversion. 

Scout delivered results:


hours saved during system conversion


members have 
met Scout


questions answered in the first few months since its introduction


of conversations occur 
during off-hours

And members keep coming back. Both session volume and member satisfaction keep increasing. Read Meriwest’s story here

How a Community Bank Extended the Reach of Its Team

BankSouth saw a growing need to support its customers after hours and on weekends. To find a solution that didn’t require increasing headcount or outsourcing support, BankSouth turned to Kasisto to create a customized intelligent digital assistant, Rita.


of interactions resolved without human intervention


interactions completed within three weeks of introduction


customer engagement across demographics

An Overview of the Stakeholders Affected by Generative AI in Your Financial Institution

Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force in the financial services industry.

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