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Stay future-ready with our suite of KAI products, a generative AI platform, and conversational AI applications, all purpose-built for banking.

KAI Platform

Our conversational AI platform, KAI, takes the concept of personalized assistance to an entirely new level, making it possible for your employees, customers, and members to find needles of knowledge in your information haystack.

  • KAI allows you to expand and augment your workforce with the help of digital bankers who provide hyper-personalized, human-like conversations with consumers and employees that keep them engaged and encourage them to discover more.
  • By providing immediate access to personalized financial information, KAI enhances employee performance and creates more memorable customer experiences across all channels. All of this leads your financial institution to build more prosperous relationships, deepen trust in your brand, and drive more sustainable growth.
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KAI-GPT delivers capabilities that power precise, secure, and remarkably intuitive interactions. And when it’s informed by data and content provided by your institution, KAI-GPT fully embodies your brand and generates accurate, trusted, customizable experiences that astound and delight your consumers and employees.

  • Combines the latest GPT technology with Kasisto’s industry leading conversational AI capabilities to create the first large language model, purpose-built for banking
  • Delivers consistent, reliable, conversationally precise content that improves employee performance and delights customers
  • Generates insights, product comparisons, and process suggestions based on up-to-date, accurate financial data and approved content
  • Addresses the banking industry’s unique needs for privacy, security, accuracy, visibility, and sustainability
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