Community Banks & Credit Unions

Kasisto helps community banks and credit unions create easy, intentional digital experiences delivered by a digital banker who embodies the best qualities of your human employees and your brand.

Amplify Human Connections with AI

Your business is built on relationships, and you work hard to safeguard them. You must be discerning when considering how to employ AI to interact with the consumers who trust your team.

Kasisto is here to provide expert guidance as you pursue this technology shift. Rest at ease knowing you are introducing the most accurate, engaging, banking-savvy AI technology available.

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Our Customers

Our members expect best-in-class digital banking services and experiences. Through our partnership with Kasisto we are able to meet and exceed those expectations. Kasisto has empowered us to deliver personalized, seamless, and high value banking experiences all consistent with our brand. Our KAI-powered digital assistant has quickly become a trusted and valuable resource for our members and helps guide them through their financial journeys with round-the-clock support.

KAI for Community Banks & Credit Unions

KAI powers your digital banker to host human-like conversations, often exceeding live agent performance, at a scale that allows you to get to know consumers in greater depth than ever before.

KAI Portal

With KAI, your team can access an intuitive dasboard that houses all engagement data for your intelligent digital assistants.

  • Manage and monitor digital assistant performance from a central location
  • Leverage conversational insights and trends for strategic decision-making
  • Uncover valuable information about each customer or member’s financial situation

KAI Intelligent Digital Assistants

Our intelligent digital assistants serve as your digital bankers, delivering hyper-personalized experiences via precise interactions with your customers and members. 

They are built with a unique personality customized to your brand, setting the tone for all experiences across every channel. These solutions include:

  • KAI Consumer Banking
  • Specialized Business Banking Knowledge
  • Investment Management Expertise

Access KAI via Your Digital Banking Provider

KAI is pre-integrated with a variety of digital banking partners, including NCR, FIS, and Q2. Through our partnerships with these providers, our intelligent digital assistants help your financial institution to create truly differentiated digital experiences on a par with those of your big bank competitors but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Maximize the value of your existing platforms
  • Introduce a consistently branded digital banker across both public and authenticated channels
  • Apply detailed digital performance data to your banking strategies

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Our Products

Explore our suite of solutions personalized for your community bank or credit union. 

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