KAI Answers

Generate precise and comprehensive responses to employee queries as they serve your customers and members.

KAI Answers instantaneously searches your vast information network and delivers just the right information, allowing your human team to save precious time and concentrate on their primary goal: delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Kai Answers

Facilitate AI + Human collaboration with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

With KAI Answers, bankers have effortless access to precisely the information they need, sorted, summarized, and sourced by KAI from diverse data repositories and knowledge management systems.

KAI scours through thousands of pages of internal policies, regulatory filings, banking procedures, web content, and intricate financial products, so your team won’t have to.

Secure, Contextual Data

Fueled by KAI-GPT, KAI Answers paraphrases flat, tabular text from a range of your bank’s documents, turning it into natural spoken language for use by bank employees when working with customers and members.

And the application operates within a safe and secure framework that safeguards your financial institution, brand, and sensitive data.

The Future of AI is Here

Interested in learning how we built KAI-GPT? Find out all about our approach.

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Accurate Answers from Generative AI for Financial Services

KAI Answers powers your teams with the knowledge to drive meaningful, results-driven conversations and to create more relevant responses to customer inquiries drawn from your existing content and information sources.

Targeted Searching

KAI Answers knows where to search from among your specified public and proprietary content to find the information you need.

Content Sorting and Pinpointing

KAI Answers sorts all identified sources and pinpoints the content most relevant and helpful in answering questions.

Natural Language Summaries

KAI Answers summarizes sorted content into natural language answers to questions, ready to be read aloud, chatted, emailed, or communicated to customers.

Source Referencing

Each summary provided by KAI Answers includes specific references and pointers to the original sources, so users can dig deeper or see the complete context to bolster their confidence.

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