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KAI-GPT: The First Large Language Model Purpose-Built for Banking

By Keelan Evanini, Senior Vice President of Engineering and AI at Kasisto We have all read a lot about the…

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Reports & White Papers

Read our comprehensive industry reports and whitepapers to gain valuable takeaways and stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in finance.

KAI Continuous Learning

KAI: Continuous Learning

Continuous learning delivers on the promise of Conversational AI for the Financial Services Industry.

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Frost & Sullivan: Banks Win When They Use Virtual Assistants and Intelligent Chatbots Trained to Make Them SuccessfulFrost & Sullivan:

Learn why conversational AI in financial services gives a competitive advantage; the pros and cons of generic versus market-specific solutions; and why firms are better off deploying tools meant specifically for them.

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The Courage to Lead: A Challenge to the Financial Services Industry

In this paper, we explore how intelligent digital assistants, powered by conversational AI, can underpin a banking experience of the future; one that can drive loyalty and personalization and garner efficiencies, while at the same time becoming a critical enabler for the next generation of cognitive banking customer engagement.

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The Chatbot Journey: Making Intelligent Digital Assistants Integral Members of the Team

Chatbots and intelligent digital assistants have come a long way in banking in just a few short years (actually, they were the longest years of our lives).

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The Banking CMO’s Guide to Amazing Banking Experiences

Today, financial institutions face greater competition than ever as consumers demand more convenient, frictionless service and personalized experiences. With this ongoing industry shift, Chief Marketing Officers must find a way to differentiate their brand and stand out among the sea of options.

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Case Studies

Discover how our AI-powered solutions have transformed leading financial institutions’ business operations and customer experiences through real-world case studies.

The Bridge Between Self-Service and Employee Assisted Channels

The Bridge Between Self-Service and Employee Assisted Channels

How Gabby Helped First Financial Bank Grow Accounts and Retain Customers – This case study will explore how the bank successfully introduced a KAI-powered intelligent digital assistant (IDA) and stayed true to its mission of offering personalized service across all of its customers’ financial needs to make sure they get everything they deserve.

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Meriwest Case Study

Member Engagement that Drives Profitability: Meriwest ‘Scout’ users revealed 30% more profitability than average digital banking users

Meriwest, was faced with the challenges of traditional customer service methods that were impacting operational efficiency and member satisfaction. Realizing the untapped possibilities among their digital banking customers, they were determined to find a groundbreaking solution. Meet Scout, their KAI-powered digital assistant. Scout not only surpassed the capabilities of a typical chatbot but became an…

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KAS And VeraBank

A Kasisto & VeraBank Case Study: Enhancing Customer Service and Efficiency with a KAI-Powered Digital Assistant

Creating a Digital Experience that Meets Modern Expectations – Read how VeraBank successfully launched a KAI-powered intelligent digital assistant to better serve their customers, achieve significant benefits while addressing operational challenges.

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A Digital Leader: How Standard Chartered Uses AI and a Virtual Assistant to Drive Customer Experiences

Read the full case study to learn about Standard Chartered Bank’s selection process, why Kasisto’s KAI was the chosen solution, and the business opportunities uncovered while optimizing operational costs.

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Product Sheets

Get detailed information about our conversational and generative AI products with product sheets that outline key features, benefits, and use cases to help you make informed decisions.

KAI Platform

Learn about KAI 4.0, the leading-edge Conversational AI technology that allows you to create profound interactions.

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KAI Investment Management

Learn more about KIM, our investment management conversational AI solution.

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KAI Business Banking

Learn more about KBB, our business banking conversational AI solution. 

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KAI Consumer Banking

Learn more about KCB, our consumer banking conversational AI solution.

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Understand how artificial intelligence powers digital experiences in banking by reviewing engaging infographics.

KAI Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant = Digital Engagement

Digital engagement is no longer defined by what capabilities your website or mobile app offer, but rather how intelligent, conversational, and engaging your digital offerings need to be.

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The Intelligent Digital Assistant

Let’s dive deeper into what an intelligent digital assistant offers and why it stands above the rest.

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Buy vs. Build

What is the true effort behind delivering a digital assistant?

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A Personalized Digital Banking Assistant in 30 Days

Our proven Ready, Set, Go! implementation process focuses on understanding your brand, your people, your products, and the communities you serve. This helps us successfully launch and rapidly adopt an intelligent digital assistant custom-tailored to your financial institution.

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Videos & Podcast Episodes

Explore a library of videos and podcast episodes that offer expert perspectives, thought leadership, and deep dives into the latest trends, technologies, and challenges shaping the financial industry.

Conversational Intelligence, Contextual Interactions, Personalized Experiences

Chatbots do not offer these capabilities. KAI-powered virtual assistants have these and more. KAI has what it takes on day one. KAI is trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagements.

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A Chatbot is Not an Option, When You Need a Solution

Meet KAI, our digital experience platform. KAI is proven to deliver digital experiences that surprise and delight millions of banking customers around the world. Based on industry leading Conversational AI technology, KAI and its virtual assistants help to automate and augment conversational interactions, across any channel, all the time, driving contextual, insightful, and personalized conversations…

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The Bridge Between Self-Service and Employee Assisted Channels

AI-Powered Assistant Drives 27% CD Growth at First Financial Bank

Discover How AI Can Revolutionize Your Banking Experience. Explore Kasisto’s Solutions Today!

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