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Manulife Bank offers a modern digital banking experience with the launch of MAI – a personal virtual assistant.

Manulife KAI chatbot platform

Earlier this month, Manulife launched it’s innovative new All-In Banking Package™, a multi-product banking package that helps Canadians develop better financial habits and improve their financial wellbeing. Part of the All-In Banking Package is MAI, Manulife’s new KAI-powered virtual assistant. 

Meet MAI! – The latest intelligent banking virtual assistant powered by KAI 

MAI is Transforming Digital Banking for Consumers

MAI, is designed to empower customers with insights into their personal finances by offering quick access to account information, transaction history and spending habits all through the easy to use and natural human-like conversational interface. Customers can ask MAI in either French or English, things like how much they have spent in a certain category, what their largest transaction was in the past week, where the closest ATM is and so much more!  MAI is able to hand the conversation off seamlessly should customers require live agent assistance. Built on KAI’s deep AI technology stack, combined with KAI’s unique consumer banking specific data set and its advanced machine learning capability ensure that MAI is performing well on day one and is always improving. KAI’s sophisticated AI self-service tools empower Manulife to easily add new features, products, and channels.

Manulife wants to provide a digital banking experience for their customers like no other. To obtain this experience, Manulife spent time with customers realized they are looking for clarity, simplicity, and value. Manulife’s All-In Banking Package is meant to provide just that! 

The All-In Banking Package covers all the essential banking needs and allows Canadians to sign up for a multi-product banking in four minutes, including:

  • An unlimited transaction, everyday bank account*
  • A high-interest savings account*
  • No-fee cash back credit card*
  • Travel insurance*
  • One year of Amazon Prime® and two months of Audible® when customers make 10 or more debit or credit purchases in each of the first two full months*
  • All of this for only $10 per month or customers can have this fee waived entirely by simply growing their savings by $100 in any one month*

We are delighted to add Manulife to our growing list of customers who have chosen and gone live with KAI. In addition to Manulife, DBS Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, TD Bank, Emirates NBD’s Liv., and many others are using  KAI to power their virtual assistants and build digitally immersive experiences that are driving real business results. We are excited to partner with Manulife and to be a part of their journey to create a unique and innovative new digital banking experience!

Meet the KAI Conversational AI platform