Hello Clari! Congrats to the team at TD

Say hello to Clari, TD Bank’s virtual banking assistant powered by KAI, our Conversational AI platform. Today, TD announced that Clari is available to their customers, rolling out and making its debut in their top-ranked mobile app.  We definitely concur with TD that Clari offers the most personalized, secure and comprehensive chatbot experience among all major Canadian banks!


It’s been a wonderful journey with the team at TD – from the beginning during our early ideation phase through all of the steps along the way bringing Clari to market. Clari is a great partnership example of how a cutting-edge fintech can collaborate with an established bank to enable whole new consumer experiences. For each of us at Kasisto, it’s gratifying to work with a forward-looking bank like TD on such an important and innovative initiative with big goals like helping TD customers feel more confident about their finances.


Clari will do that by helping customers with in-the-moment personal spending insights and making everyday transactions – combining AI and data to create personalized experiences all via natural, human-like conversations in English and Canadian French. Clari gives quick, conversational answers to questions such as when your next TD credit card payment is due and how much you spent last month at your favorite retailer.


In addition to personalized account and transaction insights, Clari instantaneously answers common banking questions, including ones about nearby branch locations and exchange rates. Should the need arise, Clari can seamlessly and contextually connect customers with a live agent.


Clari will learn more with every customer’s conversation. Over time, Clari will continue to evolve and do even more, ultimately helping to better predict needs and prompt customers with deeper insights into their finances. TD will be empowered to leverage the data and AI at the heart of these conversations to improve the experience and add new features. This is just the beginning of putting KAI to work and harnessing its robust analytics and training AI tools.


Couple that with TD’s Chief Digital and Payments Officer, Rizwan Khalfan, vision of underscoring TD’s investment in Conversational AI and KAI as a strategy to add real value to their customers across their digital properties.  Let the journey begin!

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