Humanizing Digital Experiences

The Ultimate Intelligent Digital Assistant Solution

Enlighten gives financial institutions the power to create the most humanizing and engaging digital customer experiences ever.

Welcome to the New Age of Cognitive Banking Customer Engagement
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Enlighten makes your digital assistant “the channel” for customer engagement.

Built on Decades of AI Research & Financial Expertise

KAI is the only Digital Experience platform developed using years of AI research from SRI International, one of the world’s largest R&D organizations. That pioneering technology is how KAI delivers personalized, compelling experiences at scale.

True AI Reasoning

Everyone talks about AI, but most products rely on rule-based bots. KAI combines four dimensions of AI technology to provide human-level engagement and support.

Out-of-the-Box Expertise

Thanks to Kasisto’s industry knowledge, KAI is fluent in finance. Since you don’t have to show KAI the ropes, your ramp up time is shorter and you get to market faster.

Designed to Scale

From desktop to mobile to voice, KAI integrates with every channel modern banking customers are using, without the need to re-invest in individual channels.

Let’s Explore Kasisto

Announcing Enlighten by Kasisto, the Ultimate Intelligent Digital Assistant Solution for the Financial Services Industry

Financial organizations across the industry are under pressure to rethink their customer engagement and digital strategies. Enlighten by Kasisto solves these pressures, while transforming the customer engagement journey

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