Power Human-Like Conversations
That Delight Your Customers

KAI, a Conversational AI platform fluent in
finance, does more for your customers with
intelligent virtual assistants and smart bots.

KAI Conversational AI platform - finance

KAI is the Leading Conversational
AI Platform for Banking & Finance

See how KAI has been proven to drive business results and improve customer experiences



Conversations managed by KAI without human intervention


Conversations with authenticated customers and integrated with bank’s back-end systems


Deployments integrated with the leading live chat vendors for seamless hand-off to agent

What’s Good for Your Customers’ Digital
Banking is Great for Your Business

Give Stellar Customer Care
at a Fraction of the Cost

Reduce call center volume.
KAI skillfully handles frequent banking tasks and knows when to hand-off to a live agent for services that need a human touch.

Empower customers to self-serve.
Help customers get their banking done on any channel they prefer.

Give Them More Reasons
to Stay and Love Your Bank

Enable lifestyle banking.
KAI weaves financial decisions into everyday life and gives customers the seamless experience they expect- contextual, proactive and personalized.

Champion their financial well-being.
KAI uncovers insights and makes recommendations so you’re helping customers manage their money, not just move it.

Give Them What They
Need When They Need It

Help them discover products they need.
Conversations with KAI naturally lead to contextual offers for products and services. Personalized assistance keeps you relevant and increases the lifetime value of each customer.

New channels open new relationships.
Digital marketing and sales with KAI lowers the cost of acquisition and uses intelligent, proactive conversations to provide steady value.


Not All Conversational AI Platforms are Created Equal

Although we may sound alike, it takes a lot more than simple NLP and generic APIs to build a smart banking assistant.

Leverage your AI investment in every channel

Apply your AI training and data to all your channels without re-investing in individual channels.

KAI VS them
One brain powering all channels

One brain powering all channels

KAI’s knowledge is omni-channel and opti-channel.

Each channel has a separate brain

Each channel has a separate brain

Broken customer experiences, data trapped in channels.

Accelerate your time to market

Save costly ramp-up time and start with a solution that’s already fluent in banking.

KAI VS them
sms - How much did I send on Uber
sms - Kai Uber response
sms - Lyft?
sms - Kai Lyft response
sms - Sure
sms - Kai graph
sms - Kai alert

Deep financial expertise

If you want your virtual assistant or bot to hold an intelligent conversation, you need deep domain expertise in banking.

sms - How much did I send on Uber
sms - DIY Uber response
sms - Lyft?
sms - DIY Lyft responsesms - DIY Lyft response
sms - DIY

Time spent teaching

Shallow knowledge means you waste time training the system on the basics of banking.

Conversational AI is Changing the Relationship
Between Banks and Customers.

Don’t Get Left Behind.