KAI – Our AI Platform | Kasisto

A Conversational AI Platform
That’s Actually Intelligent


KAI is a conversational AI platform powering virtual assistants and smart bots across mobile apps, websites, messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Built with industry-specific domain expertise, KAI-powered bots and virtual assistants are well-versed in your business whether that’s finance, commerce, or any other industry.


Modern architecture

No coding required. That’s because KAI enables a network of intents wired at runtime to enable human-like, cross-intent conversational experiences. KAI includes a deep-learning analytical toolset for data collection and analysis, model training, testing, and deployment. And our comprehensive, self-serve customer portal provides real-time reporting.

Agile development environment

Built from the ground up, KAI’s agile development environment includes an easy-to-integrate API and modern SDKs, so you can deploy in weeks rather than months. Choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployments.

Comprehensive AI technology

We have the deepest AI portfolio built on decades of research at SRI International. It’s a complete stack and ready to use out of the box, including a speech recognition engine, natural language processing, AI reasoning, and natural language generation.

Industry-specific knowledge

The KAI platform can be rapidly calibrated, trained, and customized for each industry and business to uniquely fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs for your customers. Whether your enterprise is retail, insurance, healthcare, travel, or transportation, KAI can be made fluent in your domain.

Cross channel, multi-modal reach

KAI enables the creation of a single “AI brain” that is extensible across channels for a seamless customer experience, including messaging platforms, mobile apps, websites, and IoT devices. And, customers can choose the communications mode they prefer: voice, text, or touch.

A consistent brand experience

KAI-powered virtual assistants and smart bots can be easily customized: look, feel, tone, persona. KAI expresses your brand’s values, delighting your customers with both function and form and rewarding their loyalty.

Flexible business model

Pay for what people use, not for what they don’t. Kasisto’s license is based on actual usage of KAI-powered virtual assistants and smart bots.

Our platform is designed for self-service. You can avoid the expense of ongoing professional services.