conversational AI platform that’s actually intelligent

A Conversational AI Platform That’s Actually Intelligent.

When you put an open mic or an empty text box in front of your customers, you need a platform that can handle all of the idiosyncratic ways we humans communicate.

You need Conversational AI that’s robust enough to reason and smart enough to delight customers. And, one that’s extensible enough to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Artificial Intelligence Conversational Platform

There’s a Lot of Hype Around Artificial Intelligence.

Everyone says they do AI, even when they’re just using rule-based systems. Before you believe their claims, do some digging. Take a look at what sets KAI apart from the pack.

Conversational AI is Changing the Relationship Between Companies & Their Customers.

KAI is leading the digital revolution.

KAI Today

KAI is an industry-agnostic Conversational AI platform that lets companies create virtual assistants and bots that deliver personalized, delightful and intelligent experiences across multiple channels.

KAI is at the core of all of our industry-specific products – with an API-centric design, it’s a full stack of cutting edge AI technology.

KAI Conversational API Chatbot Diagram

What Really Counts is How it All Comes Together.

Natural Language Understanding

Takes what a person says or texts and understands it.

AI Interpreter

Examines the input in the context of a conversation.

AI Reasoner

Deciphers ambiguous goals, provides follow up questions, and manages the conversation.

Natural Language Generation

Converts customer data to human-like conversations.

Many systems have some of these components, but most stop short of AI reasoning. KAI is unique in its ability to bring it all together to create human-like, intelligent conversations – ones that track multiple intents while engaging in complex interactions.

Under the hood

Why KAI Holds Smarter Conversations.

Typical conversational systems rely only on a few statistical approaches, whether rule-based systems, search engines, or statistical systems to track intents and their parameters.

Hypothesis approach

Only KAI takes a hypothesis approach, deploying a full combination of processors to ensure the best possible response to your customer.

AI training

Then, all of that AI training is leveraged across channels so your customers experience an accurate response in every channel.

Kai Conversation smarter

With Each Conversation,
KAI Makes You Smarter.

KAI empowers savvy companies to meet business goals while better understanding and serving their customers. Unscripted conversations with your customers provide valuable insights.

With Each Conversation,
KAI Gets Smarter Too.

With a combination of machine learning algorithms and strategies, KAI is always learning too. This includes KAI’s ability to tune and train statistical models based on collected data, and make runtime decisions about the next step of the conversation.

Why KAI Scales Faster


No coding required. KAI enables a network of intents wired at runtime to enable human-like, cross-intent conversational experiences. KAI includes a deep-learning analytical toolset for data collection and analysis, model training, testing, and deployment.

Agile Development

Built from the ground up, KAI’s agile intent development environment includes an easy-to-integrate API and modern SDKs, so you can deploy in weeks rather than months. Choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployments.

Powerful Tools to Customize, Track & Improve

KAI comes with self-service tools making it easy for you to add, integrate and test new experiences. You can measure performance, track KPIs and identify ways to increase engagement.

AI Brain

KAI powers your virtual assistants and bots so your customers experience efficient, human-like conversations across all channels and you leverage your AI investment in one channel to the next channels.


It’s optimized for performance, scalability, security and compliance for the regulated industries it serves.

Where We Started

Only KAI has a pedigree in AI.

Kasisto built KAI using decades of artificial intelligence research and IP from one of the world’s largest independent R&D organizations: SRI International.

SRI International is the creator of Siri (acquired by Apple) and developed the largest AI project ever funded by the US Government and DARPA, the $150M CALO Project.

Conversational AI is Changing the Relationship Between Banks & Customers.

Don’t Get Left Behind.