Meet KAI: The Digital Experience Platform Created to Master the Language of Banking and Finance.

KAI is trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagements.

From simple retail transactions to the complex demands of corporate banks and wealth management, your customers want instant, intelligent answers to their questions. To provide this experience you need a digital platform that is robust enough to reason and smart enough to delight. And one that is extensible enough to meet your business needs. KAI helps you deliver. Unlike other conversational AI vendors, KAI comes pre-packaged with the financial skills and knowledge to create informed and effective conversations. And unlike chatbot vendors, KAI delivers truly humanizing experiences – Click here and see why.

Conversational AI platform

There’s a Lot of Hype Around Artificial Intelligence.

Everyone says they do AI, even when they’re just using rule-based systems. Before you believe their claims, do some digging. Take a look at what sets KAI apart from the pack.

KAI Has Everything You Need to Transform Normal Customer Communications into Profound Interactions.

KAI Today

KAI is a Digital Experience platform that allows companies to create branded intelligent digital assistants that deliver personalized, intelligent experiences across multiple channels.

All KAI business solutions – KAI Consumer Banking, KAI Business Banking, and KAI Investment Management – are built with an API-centric design on top of a full stack of cutting-edge Conversational AI technology.

KAI enterprise integration services

What Really Counts is How it All Comes Together.

Natural Language Understanding & Generation

KAI understands what customers are asking and provides the right response.

AI Interpreter

KAI navigates the complexities of a natural conversation.

AI Reasoner

KAI has the ability to decipher questions and goals, ask follow-up questions, and effectively manage the conversation.

Conversational Intents

KAI’s intents allow for better control of the growth and flow of conversations.

Though many systems have some of these components, the majority stop short of AI reasoning. KAI is unique in its ability to bring it all together to create human-like, intelligent conversations – ones that track multiple intents while engaging in complex interactions.

Under the hood

How KAI Holds Smarter Conversations.

Typical conversational systems rely only on a few statistical approaches, whether rule-based systems, search engines, or statistical systems to track intents and their parameters, and provide responses. KAI is different, and is trained in the language of banking and finance, while using extensive Conversational AI capabilities to deliver a truly humanizing digital experience.

Conversational AI in banking and finance

KAI’s understanding and reasoning takes full advantage of parallel processing to ensure that system response is always at conversation speed

Kasisto AI training via KAI

Our AI training is then leveraged across channels so your customers experience is contextualized to the channel’s capabilities and to the response itself. This provides a truly omni-channel experience

KAI machine learning algorithms

With Each Conversation,
KAI Makes You Smarter.

KAI empowers financial institutions to meet their business goals while better understanding and serving their customers. Unscripted conversations, powered by conversational AI, delivered to your customers, anywhere and anytime, provide valuable insights and profound interactions.

With Each Conversation,
KAI Gets Smarter Too.

With a combination of machine learning algorithms and strategies, KAI is always learning. This includes KAI’s ability to tune and train statistical models based on collected data, and make runtime decisions about the next step of the conversation.

Why KAI Scales Faster

Flexible Deployment Options (Single or Multi-Tenant)

KAI’s platform deployment capabilities offer customers and partners the hosting choices that meet their technical and business needs. From using KAI within a full cloud environment, to hosting on premises, or a bit of both through hybrid deployments, KAI is flexible.

Agile Development

KAI’s Intent API (IAPI) and advanced machine learning capabilities provide customers with complete control to easily build, design, track and configure simple to complex, data-driven intents and user experiences; using in-house expertise.

Included in the KAI development environment are intelligent publishing capabilities that provide ‘maker-checker’ workflows which ensure that the new and updated experiences are reviewed, checked and moved to production accurately and efficiently.

Powerful Tools to Customize, Track & Improve

KAI comes with self-service tools making it easy for clients to add, integrate and test new experiences. With KAI’s enhanced Conversational Management System (CMS), business users can have full control over content responses and customize these responses to the needs of their organization.

Intent discovery automatically identifies out of scope experiences and helps to improve conversational coverage by categorizing and organizing new interactions for the business user to review and take action on.

A Single Conversational AI Brain

KAI is smart and continually learning. Trained to master the language of banking and finance, KAI provides a consistent and intelligent conversational experience across all the channels and devices your customers demand.


With KAI’s Conversational API (CAPI) engine, enterprise customers can design their own user interfaces and deeply integrate KAI into preexisting digital experiences and corporate applications. KAI is optimized for performance, scalability, security, and compliance for the regulated industries it serves.

Where We Started

Only KAI has a pedigree in AI.

Kasisto built KAI using decades of artificial intelligence research and IP from SRI International, one of the world’s largest independent R&D organizations.

SRI International is the creator of Siri (acquired by Apple) and developed the largest AI project ever funded by the US Government and DARPA, the $150M CALO Project.

The Experience Today’s Customers Want is Here

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