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Kasisto's KAI team

Our platform, KAI, has emerged as the leading Conversational AI platform used within the financial services industry and by many of the largest banks across the world. KAI is constantly learning and discovering new customer goals and behaviors at a rapid pace. But this learning doesn’t happen magically. It takes a very talented team, driven by proven leadership that helps to continually improve our technology. Because of this, we’re so delighted to announce that David Suendermann-Oeft has joined Kasisto to lead our growing data science and knowledge engineering teams. David and his team will continue to work on helping us maximize the benefits of our vast and continuously growing data trove. With millions of customer interactions every month and production deployments in seven countries serving four languages, Kasisto is growing what we believe is the largest conversational data set in the financial services industry. One of David’s primary focuses will be using this data to better understand, model, and serve our customers and predict their needs.

David brings many years of experience working in the field of spoken language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence at multiple industrial and academic institutions worldwide, including Siemens (Munich), RWTH (Aachen), UPC (Barcelona), USC (Los Angeles), Columbia University (New York), SpeechCycle/Synchronoss (New York), and ICSI (Berkeley) to Kasisto.  With over 160 publications and patents, David will also help assure the continued growth of our patent portfolio and publication footprint.

David will be incorporating this rich experience in data science, NLP, and speech recognition to create a one-of-a-kind infrastructure for consistent training, tuning, adaptation, and testing of KAI. This sophisticated infrastructure will enable Kasisto to continue to incorporate the most advanced algorithms in the field maximizing the benefits of our massive data repositories. This will result in the even greater performance of Kasisto’s virtual assistants and ultimately benefit all of our customers.

As we move into the second quarter of 2019 with strong momentum, rolling out new KAI-powered virtual assistants including TD’s Clari, Standard Chartered’s Stacy and Emirates NBD Liv’s Olivia, while continuing to grow our team, David’s addition will allow us to continue executing our vision of empowering better financial decisions and wellness through AI.

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