We’re in Good Company with Fast Company

Fast Company has recognized Kasisto

Being listed as one of the top 10 AI companies in this year’s Fast Company Most Innovative Company listing comes with much pride and celebration here at Kasisto. With 100’s of AI companies considered for this list by Fast Company, 50 ultimately selected and Kasisto landing in the top 10, this recognition isn’t something that came easy and isn’t taken lightly by the Kasisto team. 

How did we get here and where will this journey take us?

Kasisto was founded 7 years ago based on a simple idea and a grand vision. The simple idea; people would want to ask computers, conversationally, what they needed – instead of conducting lengthy searches and filling in forms to kick off various tasks. The grand vision: we could train computers to understand what people were asking and equip these computers to continually learn, using artificial intelligence.

What did we learn along the way? Well, although the idea is simple, the vision is complicated by the need to build technology that actually accomplishes the task. We learned that you can’t train an NLU model without a lot of rich, unbiased industry data, questions, and utterances. We also learned that we needed people with both the technical and business acumen to deliver on the promise of Conversational AI while delivering compelling business experiences, and we learned that without a continually learning model pipeline, the underlying technology loses precision and understanding (and therefore business value) the day it’s delivered. Our last lesson: our customers wanted an open, extensible, Conversational AI solution, delivered with pre-trained and proven virtual assistants right out of the box. This way they could solve their business problems quickly, while leveraging our technology to allow them to manage and extend these virtual assistants (and build their own virtual assistants) using a single, scalable and secure platform. Our vision produced KAI, our Digital Experience Platform.

So, what have we accomplished with KAI? Whereas other vendors in our industry have delivered chatbots that look the part, we’ve delivered virtual assistants that actually make our users happy and excited and help our banking customers address their operational needs and deliver humanizing digital experiences. It’s simple, you can ask KAI a question, it gets it, responds, and gives you want you want. Sounds simple, but we know what it really takes in the background, and it’s not all that simple. 

Fast Company has recognized Kasisto because we’ve delivered on our promise of Conversational AI, making it available to all corners of the financial services industry. Our customers have realized the benefits and business outcomes of using KAI; from session containment of 90%, to reducing call center overhead by 50% and increasing digital engagement by 4x. A great product that works well, delights users, and delivers on its promise is a product that deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

None of this is a small accomplishment, and we couldn’t have achieved this level of success and recognition without the great support and partnerships we’ve forged with our customers around the world. We want to take this opportunity once again to thank our customers and partners for their amazing support and of course to thank Fast Company for this amazing recognition. We look forward to continuing our journey and further deepening our customer relationships with financial institutions across the industry. 

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