Taking The Complicated Out of Conversational AI Tools

Kasisto kai platform

Today we announced the latest version of our industry leading digital experience platform, KAI, and its journey to democratize conversational AI across the financial services industry. In this recent release we focused on putting the tools in the hands of our customers that our own engineers and data scientists are using to build our award winning virtual assistants. And we’ve taken our platform one step further by delivering the utilities needed for business line resources to have what they need to build great conversational experiences and virtual assistants too. So now any function within our customers, from business analysts to engineers to data scientists can create amazing digital experiences. This achievement really does start the democratization of conversational AI across our industry.

Conversational AI Adoption in the Financial Services Industry

Industry stats are pretty compelling, which has driven us to make KAI as open and extensible as possible. We believe everyone within our industry should have access to this fantastic technology, and everything it has to offer.  Conversational AI that enables digital experiences has become a strategic need for the financial services industry, and an imperative for banking CIOs and CTOs. According to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda, 31% of enterprise CIOs have already deployed conversational platforms with sustained growth expected over the next three years.

The new KAI Platform

KAI 3.1 continues our journey towards self-service for our customers through the democratization of our conversational AI capabilities. Complicated technology, like conversational AI doesn’t need to be so complicated. It’s important for Kasisto and our customers that KAI continues to be open and extensible, so we can all keep pace with our customers needs and the demands of our industry. That’s why we have equipped and built KAI with the right training data, tools, API’s, and packaging that allow for our conversational AI technology to be leveraged by any financial institution, anywhere in the world and across any banking segment.

KAI offers our customers the ability to:

  • Experience complete self service using KAI’s open and extensible platform architecture
  • Quickly prototype and rapidly deploy intents and intelligent virtual assistants – without additional programming 
  • Leverage a robust suite of intent, converational, machine learning, and enterprise API’s to have full control of the converational experience
  • Use natural language understanding capabilities that have been trained to understand the language of banking and finance 
  • Adhere to strict corporate security policies by leveraging Kasisto’s patented security protocols and SOC II certification 

Kasisto’s KAI is the most financially intelligent digital experience platform. Our years of conversational AI experience and production deployments across the globe have provided us with one of a kind insights into the direction financial institutions need to take their virtual assistants. We are arming our customers with the tools needed to come out on top for the future of banking, while providing the most amazing digital experiences to their customers.

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