Launching AI-Driven, Intelligent Customer Conversations in Banking

Today, we announced our partnership with Moneythor, creators of the powerful data-driven engine to enhance digital experiences for banks and fintechs. This partnership comes after our two companies collaborated at several banks, including DBS Bank and Standard Chartered, among other top-tier financial institutions in APAC and North America. With our production experience, together, we’ve seamlessly integrated KAI, our Conversational AI platform, with Moneythor’s real-time personalization engine. Now, banks can leverage Moneythor’s quality data with KAI’s human-like conversations to create even more engaging, contextual and insightful customer experiences.

Moneythor Helps KAI Correlate Data to Customer Goals and Behaviors

KAI powers branded virtual assistants and chatbots across banks’ channels that engage in human-like, intelligent conversations. Quality data is one of the most important feeds to enable those conversations. Moneythor is able to aggregate and augment the bank’s data so it is more useful and ultimately actionable because it correlates an endless stream of disconnected data points to customer goals and behaviors.

KAI leverages the data processed by Moneythor to deliver tailored recommendations, actionable insights, and contextual personal finance management advice. Ultimately, the bank’s customer gets a more personalized, differentiated and actionable experience as Moneythor enhances the bank’s raw data so KAI-powered virtual assistants can focus on AI-driven proactive and predictive conversations.

In the words of Olivier Berthier, CEO & Co-Founder of Moneythor, “In its raw form, a financial institution’s data offer limited potential as it comes to driving intelligent conversations and actionable recommendations. Pairing Moneythor’s unique built-in transaction data analytics and nudge engine with Kasisto’s best-in-class Conversational AI allows us to help global banks to deliver highly engaging banking services for the digital age.”

Banks can unlock the power of their data and analytics to help customers better understand where their money is going and assist them in building savings habits and achieving their financial goals.

Our teams and our products work well together and this means financial institutions working with us can speed their time to market to enable intelligent banking and create more meaningful relationships with their customers.

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