How It’s Done: Conversational AI and a Personalized Digital Banking Assistant in 30 Days!

30 Days to Amaze, KAI

As your financial institution continues to evolve, you must provide your customers with a holistic, comprehensive customer experience that both addresses their needs and provides them with valuable guidance, helpful information, and an engaging interaction. 

An intelligent digital assistant, or IDA, accomplishes all of this. And the process of creating and implementing a digital assistant isn’t hard at all. In fact, it can be likened to recruiting and training your best banker, and then letting that banker do what they do best: connect individually with each customer to provide them with personalized attention and relevant answers. Kasisto helps you to accomplish this quickly and in a way that allows you to effectively convey your desired brand experience across all of your channels. 

How Kasisto Delivers Fast, Effective Implementation

Kasisto’s proven implementation process can get your new digital assistant up and running on our digital experience platform KAI in 30 business days or less. This is possible because KAI’s digital assistants are already pre-trained to understand the majority of banking questions, based on insights collected from nearly 100 million financial conversations conducted around the globe.

And, while most quick implementations sacrifice quality for speed, our implementations combine swift execution with precision artificial intelligence (AI) technology, a no-code publishing portal, and a true customer-first focus.

Our proven Ready, Set, Go! implementation process focuses on understanding your brand, your people, your products, and the communities you serve. This helps us to achieve a successful launch and rapid adoption of an intelligent digital assistant that’s custom-tailored to your financial institution. We’ve accomplished this for financial institutions of all sizes, including community banks and credit unions. This year, we worked with BankSouth to implement its personalized IDA, Rita, which resulted in increased digital channel adoption, deeper digital engagement, and a series of unexpected brand benefits.

Here’s how you can implement your own personalized IDA in 30 business days with Kasisto.

Step #1: Ready:

Implementing a personal intelligent digital assistant requires a well-planned, collaborative approach. It starts with outlining your goals, gathering your requirements, and defining your KPIs. Using this essential background information, we work with your team to create an Intelligent Digital Assistant that speaks the unique language of your financial institution’s customers and employees. 

Because the primary framework and conversational models for your IDA are already built, this “out of the box” approach lets you focus on customizing your IDA to fit your distinct brand. Additionally, if you have a digital banking provider, we can deploy your IDA pre-integrated, so you can go live on Day One with hundreds of authenticated and integrated intents, all of which deliver your customers highly personalized financial details.

Your team simply needs to review and update a flagged subset of pre-configured responses to ensure your IDA conveys product information specific to your institution and the persona aligns with your brand identity. We’ve found that financial institutions that take this first step to focus on developing a personality for their IDA have the most success in launching their assistant.

Creating a Personalized Digital Assistant with BankSouth

In Kasisto’s partnership with BankSouth, we found a collaborative, communicative, and creative executive champion who astutely partnered with their brand and marketing team from the very beginning of the project. The BankSouth IDA, Rita, or “real-time integrated teller assistant,” was given a unique appearance that resonated with the bank’s customer base and a spirited personality in keeping with the bank’s brand voice. 

The community bank positioned Rita as a smart, capable banking associate and promoted her in branches and via digital marketing and service channels. Through this preparation, Rita quickly became the greeter at BankSouth’s virtual front door, and engaged effectively in both unauthenticated and authenticated interactions with customers and prospects, across channels.

Step #2: Set

Using the KAI Portal, our team of experts ensures that you’re prepared to apply best practices that enable your intelligent digital assistant to deliver the right answer, every time. The KAI Portal contains a full suite of tools for configuring, managing, and testing the assistant to correctly respond to and astutely converse about a wide array of customer queries, or “intents.”

We recommend you appoint an individual with deep organizational awareness and the ability to influence broadly to act as the Project Driver or Product Owner. During the implementation phase, this Driver or Owner is the primary superuser and subject matter expert of the IDA and handles the setup of the IDA and any corollary users.

How BankSouth Set Their Conversational AI Up For Success:

BankSouth intentionally elevated Rita to prominence as a knowledgeable digital banking associate. Over a couple of short weeks, the financial institution developed over 500 intents, including questions that Rita could ask, along with appropriate responses. Questions ranged from “How do I apply for a loan?” to “What’s your favorite sports team?” 

In just six weeks, Rita showed incredible results: she had an engagement rate 2x higher than the industry average and a superb containment rate, handling 96% of the queries that came her way without the need to pass off to a human teammate. Equally important, the bank’s customers loved her, often asking for her by name and even sending praises to the bank’s executive management for her outstanding support.

Step #3: Go!

Together, we launch your intelligent digital assistant, connecting it to the right channels, services, and lines of business. Our team ensures the KAI platform and your IDA goes live successfully and on time, while also providing support for any issues. 

We provide guidance for introducing the IDA to your branch and call center staff, promoting it, and ensuring everyone across the organization knows where the IDA sits. After the go-live, we share data and insights with you that help the IDA continuously improve over time.

Launching BankSouth’s Personal Intelligent Digital Assistant:

Rita offers customers the convenience of personal banking whenever they need it. As an omni-channel KAI-powered digital assistant, she addresses customers however they interact with BankSouth. And she provides upward feedback and data to the BankSouth team, giving the organization valuable analytics on what their customers need and what they’d like to see next.

The Impact of BankSouth’s Real-Time Integrated Teller Assistant:

Financial institutions that adopt a digital experience mindset can realize tremendous success with outcomes surpassing typical banking customer service results. BankSouth recognized the value of an intelligent digital assistant, then planned and implemented it the right way.

The bank experienced great success with Rita facilitating interactions between BankSouth’s increasingly tech-savvy customer base and its employees. She is at the forefront of the bank’s entire digital experience, and customers log in to the BankSouth digital channels to engage with Rita at any time, day or night, even though their contact center team supports a more traditional business schedule.

She helps educate and inform customers, guide them through workflows like new account applications, and routes them directly into other systems (such as bill pay) to complete transactions. And in the event Rita can’t answer a question, she routes the customer to a live person for further assistance.

Get Your Personalized Digital Assistant Next:

Check out how we deliver fast, effective implementation of your unique personalized digital assistant in under 30 business days. You can also take our 30 Days to Amaze IDA personality quiz to learn which learn what personality is best for your financial institution’s brand.

And, if you’d like to talk to our team about what this can look like for your financial institution, meet us at the American Banker Digital Banking Conference, June 13-15 in Austin, TX. We’re a proud sponsor of the event, and we’ll lead a demo of the KAI Platform on Wednesday, June 15 at 8:40 a.m. Come by to say hello and learn more about how we can help you to automate amazing banking experiences!

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