Security is in KAI’s DNA

Kasisto KAI security features

What is always top of mind for the financial industry? Security.

Data breaches, identity theft and/or any form of disruption can seriously undermine consumers confidence in their bank and can result in the loss of business and a hit to bank reputation. At Kasisto, we take security and compliance seriously and build our virtual assistants on secure, compliant and ethical conversational AI. 

We have recently hit two key milestones in our quest to build the most secure virtual assistants in the industry. We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our cutting edge technology for on-demand, re-authentication capabilities and have successfully completed our SOC 2 independent audit and final report.

Kasisto’s patent, U.S. 10,440,003, sets forth and protects a proprietary method of escalating security protocols based on the user’s specific request. For example, KAI can quickly provide customers with information about their account balance or routing number. However, if a customer were to request higher value and risk transactions, like transferring money, KAI would immediately understand and elevate the required authentication by asking for a one-time passcode (OTP), This innovative process allows KAI to re-authenticate the user without a break in the conversation. With this one of a kind, on-demand re-authentication process, financial institutions’ virtual assistants can better protect their customers’ personal data in real time, while delivering an exceptional digital experience to the end user. 

The SOC 2 accreditation and report is the gold standard for how we handle security and our overall technology. As Kasisto continues to scale as a company and KAI continues to scale as a platform, it is important to keep our momentum while having full visibility and control of the inner workings. This accreditation shows our customers that we are 100% in on security processes. 

Kasisto’s KAI is the most secure virtual assistant in the financial services industry. No other Conversational AI technology is used more broadly, in production, within the financial services industry than KAI, and security plays a critical role in ensuring the Kasisto customer that their implementation of KAI is safe, and that their customers’ data and digital experience are secure.


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