Kasisto will Emerge as the Industry Leader

Kasisto will emerge as the industry leader

It’s safe to say the most effective customer service representatives are those who continually learn…about their products or services, about customer service policies, about competitor offerings and are able to provide delightful experiences.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants Enable Great Customer Experience

Using a virtual assistant (VA) to help support your customers requires a virtual assistant that understands what customers are asking and is able to provide them with the information they need to know. An Intelligent virtual assistant is on a never-ending journey to achieve deeper intelligence and offer a better service rapport with customers. Looking at those dynamics through a Kasisto lens, the KAI platform is always learning, tuning and training based on collected data. KAI powers virtual assistants that make instant decisions, keeping pace with the turns of real customer conversations so interactions are fluid, natural and efficient. Intelligent virtual assistants like KAI are the customer service representatives of the future.

Business Leader and Speech Recognition Expert Steven Chambers Joins Kasisto’s Board of Directors

I’ve known Zor and the Kasisto team for many years now and have watched them evolve as an organization and grow as a dominant force in this burgeoning virtual assistant industry. As AI and virtual assistants play a growing role in how customers, call centers, bankers, and financial advisors connect, I see an opportunity to use my business experience and domain knowledge to help Kasisto navigate the challenges they’ll face and the opportunities presented to them in their journey to become the industry leader in Conversational AI technology. I am excited to help facilitate and encourage Kasisto’s growth by joining their Board of Directors.

This is a real inflection point for the industry, and especially Kasisto. As I mentioned in the associated press release and sincerely believe;

“I can recognize the market winners from the also-rans. With its depth in and focus on the financial services industry, KAI goes far beyond the generic conversational AI bots in the market to deliver personalized and compelling digital experiences, optimized for financial services.  Winners like Kasisto stay at the forefront of innovation, building platforms that can scale and expand, purposed to clearly-defined markets. I am elated to join Kasisto’s journey and provide guidance to their next chapter.”

I look forward to helping with the growth and opportunity that Kasisto will experience as they continue to emerge as industry leaders.

The Bridge Between Self-Service and Employee Assisted Channels

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