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We’re excited to announce our agreement with TD Bank – Let’s bank human!

Kasisto and TD bank partnership

We are really pleased to announce that TD Bank, one of the top 10 financial institutions in North America, has chosen our conversational AI platform, KAI Banking, to create customer-centric experiences that seamlessly move from channel to channel – simplifying banking and empowering their customers.

Today’s announcement builds on TD’s ongoing efforts to create frictionless, mobile-enabled experiences that advance their Bank Human™ strategy. It’s not surprising that TD licensed our platform, given the fact that KAI Banking is known for its unique ability to power intelligent, human-like conversations.

It’s been an incredible few months getting to know the executives and teams at TD. We are so impressed and it’s clear to us that TD really understands how to leverage our powerful combination of conversation and AI and apply it to their customer-centric values and design.

Just yesterday, I spent the day with Rizwan Khalfan. He is the EVP and Chief Digital and Payments Officer at TD. We spoke at TD’s Technology Day and shared how AI is fundamentally changing the face of banking. The photo is us at the event. As Rizwan explained, KAI Banking is a way to evolve TD’s relationship with the more than 11 million digitally active TD customers who interact with them every day. TD will leverage KAI to create intelligent, highly personalized and empowering experiences.

The first phase is to integrate our KAI Banking platform into TD’s top-ranked mobile app. The KAI-powered assistant gives customers instant support and access to real-time spending insights through an experience that is as natural as texting with a friend. They will be able to check account information, review transaction histories and monitor spending levels – all via conversation without the hassle of menus and buttons.

These personalized experiences also include getting instant answers about spending patterns, such as  – How much did I spend in Vancouver last weekend? What was my largest transaction last week? Or, What did I spend on categories like groceries or coffee last month?

After their extensive evaluation of AI-driven conversational platforms, we are thrilled that TD chose KAI Banking as their “AI brain” to transform their customer experiences. And, this is just the beginning.

Our platform’s deep AI technology stack combined with machine learning will ensure the TD consumer experience is always improving, and our sophisticated self-service tools will empower TD to seamlessly add new features, products, channels.

That’s what we have a track record of doing – every day, in market, with the leading FIs around the world. We are very excited about the road ahead with TD and our partnership.