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Welcome George Trad – Our New VP Solutions

George trad kasisto vp solutions

We’re excited to announce that George Trad is our new VP Solutions. He will lead and grow the Kasisto team that’s responsible for all aspects of delivering KAI Banking to our customers worldwide. I can’t underscore grow enough –  given that the demands and deployments for KAI Banking are growing leaps and bounds.

George and our Solutions team work closely with our customers to ensure the success of each KAI deployment. They are working directly with our customers, some of the world’s largest financial institutions, as well as our partners such as Deloitte, Accenture and Mastercard and others. His team drives both the strategy and implementation process from start to finish, including scope definition, UX and persona design, project management, solution engineering and integration as well as quality assurance and performance optimization.

At Kasisto, we believe it’s crucial to work closely with our customers. In part, because we’re creating entirely new experiences with conversational AI, we like to help our customers from the very beginning. We have a lot of insights into best practices on how to identify and design use cases that have an immediate business impact, from increased engagement with insights and actionable recommendations and upselling products and services to deflecting customer care inquiries and reducing customer care costs.

Together, we go through various deployment phases to integrate KAI into the financial institution’s data, train the system, and design the consumer experience. Post-production, we empower our customers to maintain and improve the KAI-powered bot and virtual assistants as well as extend the capabilities and channels with powerful self-services tools.

Through all of these phases, George and his team define and measure the critical factors to success – well-defined use cases, the right data and resources, and approval processes, to name a few. We share all of the best practices we’ve learned first-hand from the numerous deployments we have in market, including the ins and outs of how we sped up deployments and proactively addressed potential roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Our Solutions organization is a very important key to our success. We’re fortunate to have George and are confident that his background makes him uniquely qualified to meet our challenges head-on and deliver exceptional results.

George is a seasoned technologist with over ten years of international banking and capital market experience. He started his career at Accenture and has a proven track record of shaping digital strategy programs and delivering complex technology solutions. In fact, he’s led digital transformation strategies and managed implementations of complex technology solutions for some of the top banks in the world including Bank of America, UBS, Sun Trust and others.

Prior to joining Kasisto, he was at Emirates NBD where he was responsible for the development of the business case for Liv. – the UAE’s first mobile only digital bank – and launching it within six months. At Liv., George defined solution requirements, evaluated and selected strategic technology and fintech partners, shaped the product roadmap, and managed overall program delivery.

We are excited to have George’s leadership, industry experience and exceptional client relationship skills leading our Solutions organization.

Welcome, George!