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Standard Chartered announced big plans for KAI Banking

Standard chartered partners with kasisto

We are excited to announce that Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), one of the largest and most respected banks in the world with operations in 68 countries, chose KAI Banking to create new digital banking experiences that are engaging and designed to simplify the bank’s products and services for its customers.

Kasisto’s KAI-powered chatbot will be leveraged first in Hong Kong, and that’s just the beginning. The chatbot will help SCB’s retail banking customers to manage money, make payments and analyze spending in a split-second, via human-like, intelligent conversations. The chatbot will drive trust, engagement, and conversation to deepen the relationship with these customers. In the first phase of deployments, the chabot will converse in English and later other languages. Leveraging our platform’s omni-channel capabilities, Standard Chartered also has plans to deploy KAI on its online and mobile banking platforms and websites.

In the words of Deniz Güven, Global Head of Design and Client Experience at SCB – “We are taking disruptive technology and using it to design a client experience that is not just convenient and personal – it’s a whole new banking experience. Looking at how quickly our clients are embracing digital, I expect our chatbot will become a popular way to connect with us anytime, anywhere.”

We’re really pleased that after an extensive evaluation of various conversational AI platforms in the market, Standard Chartered chose KAI Banking as their powerful “AI brain” ready to meet their customers in the channel of their choice. A key reason we were selected is that KAI Banking is one of the few platforms with a proven track record of production deployments by some of the largest banks in the world. It’s used by banks across many markets to engage customers in human-like conversations – with a level of accuracy and personalization that sets KAI apart. The fact that KAI is delivering measurable operational benefits to our other banking customers gave Standard Chartered confidence that KAI can meet and exceed their goals to create entirely new banking experiences. It underscores the fact that when we say we’re enterprise-ready, we mean it, and our growing list of production deployments proves it.

Since KAI comes ready with banking expertise, steeped with deep domain knowledge, we can hit the ground running. Once KAI is trained on Standard Chartered’s specific products and services, the KAI-powered bot will have the know-how to fulfill customer requests, make recommendations and solve problems – while delivering banking with a human touch. It can handle all of the unique ways people communicate and when there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand off to a Standard Chartered banking professional.

And like I said, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned as Standard Chartered leverages KAI’s conversational AI to generate revenue, improve efficiencies and transform more customer experiences. We look forward to our partnership and to bringing the power of omni-channel, multi-modal and multilingual conversational AI to SCB’s customers worldwide.