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Introducing KAI Banking on Messaging and MyKAI

KAI banking on messaging launch

It’s a big day here at Kasisto. Today, we launched both KAI Banking on Messaging and MyKAI, a personal banking bot.

KAI Banking, our conversational AI platform, is the engine that powers both and is built on deep banking-specific domain knowledge. We released  KAI Banking on Mobile earlier this year and it already powers virtual assistants in our customers’ mobile apps.

With KAI Banking on Messaging, now banks can bring intuitive, conversational banking to the hundreds of millions of people on Facebook Messenger, Slack, iMessage, SMS and other messaging apps. Banks customize our smart bots to engage with their customers conversationally from their preferred messaging app

KAI-powered bots have the smarts of a personal banker and interact as naturally as texting a friend. Our smart bots can fulfill banking queries, transact, predict needs, and guide people through banking experiences in a completely new way. Banks have an opportunity to become ubiquitous by reaching customers on exploding messaging services. KAI Banking enables them to weave financial decisions seamlessly into their customers’ everyday life, making it possible to do their banking anytime and with ease. That’s what lifestyle banking is all about.

It’s been exciting to work with two incredibly innovative banks, DBS in Asia and RBC in North America, and see them adopt KAI Banking on Messaging to reach and interact with their customers on messaging apps.  We believe that the intelligent conversations powered by our smart bots will surprise and delight their customers. 

Today, we launched our own banking bot for consumers, MyKAI. For the first time, you can manage your money across accounts, track expenses and send money to friends without leaving your favorite messaging app.

With 20,000 US financial institutions supported, you’ll have instantaneous and easy access to all of your checking, savings, credit cards and other accounts. It’s as secure as a mobile banking app and natural as texting a friend.

Please get MyKAI and say hello to Kai, our bot ready to help you manage your money. We’re excited to let you experience the future of banking. Let us know what you think.