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DBS Bank Launches KAI-powered Assistant in Indonesia

Kasisto DBS Digibank

DBS did it again! They just launched a new digibank, their groundbreaking, mobile-led bank, in Indonesia. Now, their KAI-powered assistant is conversing in Bahasa Indonesia, the country’s official language. For the past three years, DBS has been deeply immersed in a digital agenda and put conversational AI at the forefront. They are an incredible partner delivering on their AI vision and leveraging KAI Banking to create entirely new banking experiences – easily customized for channels (web, mobile, messaging) and now new languages. It’s exciting to see DBS seamlessly add new features and launch in new markets with KAI acting as their single AI-powered banking brain.

We taught  KAI about local Indonesian banking processes as well as digibank services and products specific to the market, We even support slang terminology for certain key markets in the country. In short, we leveraged our platform’s extensible and agile infrastructure to create localized versions of KAI for other countries, markets, and languages.

In the Indonesian digibank mobile app, customers simply type “What is my account balance?” or “Please show me my five latest transactions” in Bahasa Indonesia, and the KAI-powered assistant responds with personalized, human-like answers in Bahasa Indonesia. Simple, easy and natural!

Via intelligent conversations, the assistant helps digibank customers to:

  • Increase their financial well-being with a contextual dashboard
  • Rapidly gain access to account information and balances
  • Locate relevant transactions and analyze spending patterns by date, merchant or category
  • Streamline customer onboarding and self-service support
  • Improve their financial literacy and user education via a series of conversational, jargon-free glossaries and FAQs.

Our partnership with DBS started with the successful launch of DBS digibank in India. That was India’s first mobile-only bank, and since the launch in April 2016, DBS has acquired over 1.5 million new customers.

DBS continues to leverage KAI Banking’s agile environment and omni-channel capabilities to expand their KAI-powered assistants from mobile to the web and Facebook Messenger, and to extend from India to Singapore and now Indonesia, as well as supporting both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

These KAI-powered assistants are the world’s most mature and advanced conversational AI deployments in banking. And, they have clearly proven business and performance metrics. In India, digibank’s KAI-powered virtual assistant handles 82% of customer inquiries and requests without a live agent’s involvement.

We’re expecting the same results in Indonesia – and this time conversing in Bahasa Indonesia!