Welcome to the New Age of Cognitive Banking Customer Engagement

Enlighten is created to be your customers’ preferred channel for interactions. Powered by KAI and delivered through financially literate and always-available digital assistants, Enlighten makes your digital assistant “the” channel for customer engagement.

Enlighten assembles a full financial picture of each customer and proactively communicates with them – using data from your customers’ financial and engagement history, along with scientific behavioral insights – to win customer trust and achieve previously unimaginable levels of digital engagement.

It’s time to Enlighten


Smart Interactions Based on Deep Contextual Insight

Enlighten knows your customers – really well. It uses that knowledge to create an experience that is tailored to their preferences and demonstrates your commitment to their financial wellbeing.

The solution tracks, analyzes, and learns each customer’s questions and interaction history, as well as trending topics, to deliver personalized conversations and next best actions that guide them on their individual financial journey.

By creating these moments of discovery and opening up new opportunities for financial improvement, Enlighten builds trust with your customers that drives engagement.


Intelligent Greetings
Smart Shortcuts
Idle User Engagement
Alert Suggestions

Humanizing Engagement

Natural Conversations with Voice or Text that Create Remarkable Experiences

Enlighten delivers personalized and intelligent insights, alerting when needed and notifying when offline, and ensures your customers are always informed and always connected to your bank throughout their financial journey.

It’s an omnipresent solution – through text, touch, and voice – and is designed to promote ongoing engagement, continually pulling your customers into a digital channel that will make them want to do more.

Not only is Enlighten highly intelligent, it’s also enjoyable, right down to the interactive avatars that intuitively adapt to the experience, the AI-driven features, and the surprisingly frictionless way it surfaces information, at just the right moment, for the right reason.


Push Notifications
Interactive Avatars

Optimized Discoverability

Proactive Features that Showcase Your Digital Intelligence

Using conversation data and usage patterns, Enlighten proactively recommends features that highlight the depth of your digital engagement.

It provides dynamic follow-up messages that direct customers to explore additional engagement options that align with what they and others have historically needed – all optimized to each step on the customer journey. Enlighten doesn’t need to ask what the customer is looking for; it knows exactly what they’re doing and where they are on the channel.

With this deeper understanding of your digital capabilities, customers will return to Enlighten and, ultimately, rely on it alone for engaging with your bank.


Ambient Context & Pathways
Trending Topics

Customer Engagement That’s Actually Profitable

Traditional customer engagement methods are losing to digital convenience AND costing your business time and money.

That’s because the two go hand in hand. Enlighten offers an alternative approach that your customers will prefer and return to throughout their financial journey. The result is lower engagement costs and higher revenue per customer. Handle just about any customer request in a fraction of the time it takes the call center and free up your agents to focus only on high-priority issues.

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