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Antony Peyton

Zor Gorelov, CEO and co-founder of Kasisto, adds: “KAI is already a banking expert and once it’s trained on Standard Chartered products and services, it will serve as a powerful AI brain ready to meet their clients in the channel they prefer.”

Grace Noto

The chatbot will use KAI, a conversational AI service developed by financial technology provider Kasisto, to provide text and voice assistant to bank customers, Standard Chartered said in a press release. The bot will be available for both online and mobile services, the bank said. The “virtual assistant” will help users with the daily tasks of banking, including making payments and managing their “spending in a split-second,” Standard Chartered said.

Standard Chartered selected Kasisto's KAI Banking for its chatbot based on the platform's proven track record of delivering bots that engage customers in 'human-like' conversations.

The bank has selected Kasisto’s Kai Banking platform for its track record of delivering reliable and intelligent conversations with customers of financial institutions. “The bot has the know-how to fulfill client requests, make actionable recommendations and solve problems – while providing banking services with a human touch. It can handle all of the unique ways people communicate and when there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand-off to a live agent,” said Zor Gorelov, chief executive and co-founder of Kasisto.


This week’s guest on the podcast is Zor Gorelov, the co-founder and CEO of Kasisto. Kasisto specializes in creating banking smart AI that can fundamentally transform the way banks and financial institutions connect with and serve with their customers. I sat down with Gorelev to find out more about how Kasisto is helping its partners to achieve scale without opening another branch location.

Peter Nowak

This month, TD also introduced a chatbot service named KAI. Developed by New York-based startup Kasisto, KAI is an artificially intelligent tool that can answer customers' general text queries on Facebook and then move to more sensitive questions within the bank's app. Kasisto counts DBS Bank, Wells Fargo and MasterCard among its other customers.

Penny Crosman

Through KAI, TD app users will be able to check account information, review transaction histories and monitor spending levels. They’ll be able to get instant answers about spending-related questions, including how much they spent on recent weekend getaways, what their largest transactions were last week, or what they spent on groceries or trips to the coffee shop last month.

Grace Noto

Take TD Bank, which announced this week that it would be leveraging KAI Banking, the “conversational AI platform” developed by Kasisto, within its mobile banking app. KAI is developed to provide AI-powered, data-driven customer experiences that seem to mimic the old way of chatting with a personal banker...


According to Kasisto Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Dror Oren, financial illiteracy is at an all-time high, making it more important than ever for banks to reach customers wherever they happen to be, using language that’s easy to understand. Oren believes it’s not enough anymore for banking bots to answer basic questions or perform basic tasks. Modern virtual assistants, he said, need to be multi-skilled, offering contextual and actionable insights with educational value.