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We’ve worked with the world’s largest financial institutions and have the banking domain expertise and relevant data to back up what works best in each situation. We’ll guide you through each stage of the process from strategy and design to deployment and expanding KAI.

Together, we’ll ensure that KAI makes us both proud.

Together we ensure KAI makes us both proud

A Fine-Tuned Machine + The Services Team

We’ll assemble a team of experts dedicated to your deployment projects including project managers, solution architects, application configuration experts, data science/knowledge engineers, and QA experts to ensure a high-quality solution.

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Organizational Readiness: Setting the Stage for Success.

With years of experience, we can help streamline the process so you avoid common pitfalls. We’ll start with decisions related to goals and resources.

Organizational Readiness

Begin with the End in Sight: Well-defined, Measurable Goals

What business objectives should KAI accomplish for you? We will guide you to determine the right mix of business outcomes to strive for and to measure.

Accelerating Time to Market: A Lean, Agile Team to Own It

Sometimes different departments and business units have competing goals and priorities as it relates to Conversational AI. Identifying who will oversee the decisions and trade-offs is critical to a timely and smooth initial deployment.

Criteria for the team include the ability to:
  • Identify and source the right data
  • Access subject matter experts who understand the nature of customer interactions

Plan, Architect and Design. Ensuring success and avoiding surprises.

Are you selecting a channel for its popularity with consumers to learn and innovate such as Alexa Amazon or WhatsApp? Or, adding KAI to an existing, core channel like your mobile app and website to improve existing experiences and operational efficiencies? We can help you identify ways for KAI to improve the customer journeys in existing channels or create entirely new ones on new channels.
Access to quality data in real time is crucial to create personalized and contextual conversations with KAI. Before we start designing customer experiences, we’ll help you analyze your data – what transactional data do you have, how it is structured, is it enriched and cleansed and where does it reside? In addition to core banking data, you may also want to integrate KAI with your live chat solution to support agent handover as well as your other systems such as your marketing CRM systems and other analytics solutions.
Since KAI already knows a lot about banking, our Services team can help you hit the ground running and start teaching KAI about your bank’s specific products and customers. We’ll help you assess your existing content and determine the best sources to integrate into the platform. Many banks leverage the content at their agents’ fingertips, such as customer support materials, as well as website FAQs. Keep in mind that a carbon copy won’t work, however. We’ll help you shape and refine it for conversational interactions.
We’ll help you work through a well-defined deployment strategy since deployment models run the gamut – cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises being the most common environments among banks. We have experiences and best practices implementing all flavors of deployments that meet specific architectural standards and rigorous requirements.
It’s a good sign of future success when marketing teams are involved early. KAI has a well-defined persona ready to customize for your brand. We can help you decide: What do you want to name your assistant? Is it genderless? What is its personality? Does it respond in a casual or formal tone?

Your marketing team will also have a big role determining how your virtual assistant or bot is introduced to customers which for some will be an entirely new banking experience. Customer awareness education will be key to customer adoption so having a plan to encourage discovery and engagement is very important.

Build, Integrate & Test

We help you create your first go-to-market experience. It will be designed and calibrated to measure results so you can quickly iterate and improve.

Experience Roadmap

Experience Roadmap

Based on your objectives, we’ll assist you in designing a solid plan for the best way to roll-out your KAI-powered virtual assistant or bot. Each bank is different with some wanting to initially deploy KAI to internal employees while others launch directly to customers with staged rollouts – we’ve seen both work.

Either way, the most important considerations are from your customers’ perspective – are your first experiences making their banking simpler, are you removing friction and actually doing something for them? We’ll help you create a well-defined roadmap identifying what features to add after the initial launch, exactly how the experience will continue to improve, and when to add new channels or markets.

Security, Compliance and Legal

Security, Compliance and Legal

Kasisto understands that you work with in a highly regulated environment. We have experience working through internal and external risk and compliance processes. To ensure quick time to market, it is important to get the bank’s right stakeholders onboard early.

Conversational AI is new and different and the sooner you educate and inform key stakeholders, the smoother the process will go. Our well-versed team will help guide and explain the mechanisms in place in KAI to meet all of regulatory, risk and compliance requirements.

Learn, Iterate and Improve

Launch day is really day one in a powerful 360 conversation with your customers. That’s why KAI is an agile, modern platform with tools to empower you to maintain and improve the KAI-powered assistant as well as extend the capabilities and channels.

Learn, Iterate and Iprove

Knowledge Management

Once you deployed a KAI-enabled assistant, we can provide ongoing analysis and continuous improvements of your KAI deployment. With our Knowledge Management service, we’ll work with you to maximize the business effectiveness of your use cases – optimizing the servicing, engagement and acquisition of your customers.

This service includes performance analysis and optimization, analysis of new customer questions and inquiries, prioritized recommendations, and deploying those into production. It’s a metric-driven process to identify ways to improve your KAI virtual assistant’s performance, uncover use case improvements, and ongoing knowledge transfer to your teams.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Our Services team can help you further your AI investment and training to deploy KAI as your single AI brain.

We can help you identify, design and deploy new use cases, add new products and services, and extend KAI to new lines of businesses. We also have experience guiding our customers to deploy KAI across new channels, customer cohorts, geographies, languages and more. We know that your first go-to-market strategy is just the beginning.

Organizational  Readiness
Organizational Readiness
  • Goals
  • Resources
Plan, Architect  & Design
Plan, Architect & Design
  • Channels
  • Data & Infrastructure
  • Content Curation & Creation
  • Deployment Model
  • Branding & Marketing
Build, Integrate & Test
Build, Integrate & Test
  • Use Case Roadmap
  • Security, Compliance & Legal
  • Frontend
  • Backend
Learn, Iterate  & Improve
Learn, Iterate & Improve
  • Data Annotation
  • Model Tuning
  • Knowledge Management
  • New features
  • New channels
  • New markets

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