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Your Banking Bot


Let’s chat

I’m Kai, the smart bot inside MyKAI. I can help you manage money, track expenses, and make payments, all from within whichever messaging app you like best, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Slack.

Drop me a line anytime. I’m here.

Let me introduce myself

Conversational AI

My brain is made of the latest artificial-intelligence technology. I’m not your average bot. I’m a good listener.

Small Requests. Big Tasks.

I can show balances, search transactions, make payments, plus define 1,057 banking terms and counting. I’m always learning. 

Your Accounts

Securely connect any account or card — or all of them. I’m familiar with 20,000 banks and Venmo.

Your Apps

I work on-the-go over Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS. Say hey. I’ll reply.

Let’s Chat

Text me as you would a friend. Plain English is best. No awkward prompts, odd jargon, or clunky buttons.

Safe. Secure.

I’m as safe as your bank’s mobile app and take your privacy seriously.
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Here’s what I can do for you

Show balances and search transactions across accounts.

Make payments with
your Venmo account.

Tell you how much you’ve spent in a category or all month.

Let’s talk soon

Sign up

After you submit Get MyKAI from our website, I’ll send you an email. Look for the link to set up your account.


Create your account

Follow the instructions to create your account.


Connect your bank accounts

Add your checking, savings, credit cards, and more.


Connect Venmo

If you have a Venmo account, I can help make payments.


Connect your messaging apps

Connect Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS. We can chat on all three if you like.


Say hello

Let’s chat about money.


Banking, whenever you like

I’m here. Text your friends, then take care of banking by asking for my help. I can show a transaction or make a payment, and you can go about your day.

Every account in one place

I’m familiar with 20,000 banks. Add checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and mortgages and have them ready over Messenger, Slack, or SMS. Stop swiping through apps.

Just ask — I get it

Want to know how much you spent on groceries last week? Last month? Actually, wait. What did you spend in total? Hold on. Where did that paycheck go? What was the largest transaction? That looks wrong. That’s a billing error. What are your rights? What’s the Fair Credit Billing Act?

No problem. I’m here.

Make payments

Connect your Venmo account, and I’ll help you make payments. Reimburse people instantly by texting me.

Your security is
my first priority

The messaging apps we use to chat won’t see your account credentials or other personal information. MyKAI never stores credentials or financial data. When I save our conversations to train my brain, I scrub them of anything that can identify you. Safe, simple.

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My roots

MyKAI was created by Kasisto, a spin off from SRI International, which developed Apple’s Siri. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m proud of the minds behind mine. Kasisto works with innovative banks across the world, including DBS and Wells Fargo, which back the company.