Driving Investment Relationships through Digital Experiences

The investment management industry is preparing for the greatest transfer of wealth in modern history.

Baby boomers are beginning to enter retirement and millennials are set to inherit $50+ trillion over the next decade. This shift in generational wealth will bring big changes to how wealth managers engage their clients. Gone will be the days of review meetings, phone calls, and dinners. They will be replaced by portals, alerts, text messages, and web chats. Wealth managers must build a digital experience and strategy that resonates with their new client demographic.

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Building generational wealth

Meet KAI’s Virtual Investment Assistant, KIM.

Built with the most advanced conversational AI technology in the finance industry, KIM powers digitally engaging experiences that delight customers. KIM asks questions, gets to know your customers, learns their goals, life plans, and what’s really important to them financially. KIM provides answers and insights, quickly responding to banking questions and helping to guide your customers’ financial journey, well-being, and needs.

KIM cares about your customers, continually thinking about their financial journey

Investment virtual assistant

Digital Banking Experiences that Resonate and Educate

The new investment customer views the investment management industry as a maze of confusing terms and strategies. KIM helps build digital experiences that entice customers to engage with their bank and investment advisor.

KIM provides customers with information about their portfolio, offering insights that enable better investment decisions and preparation to speak with their financial advisor.

When your customers need a human-touch, KAI can seamlessly hand-off to your agents to complete more complicated tasks.

KIM asks questions, because KIM cares about your customers

  • What are your life goals, financial goals, family goals?
  • What do you see yourself doing professionally at 55?
  • When do you plan to retire?
KIM AI chatbot

KIM Educates Your Customers, Providing Them with Insights into Their Financial Well-Being.

Everyone could use some help navigating their finances and financial well-being. Customers want to interact and bank with a trustworthy expert. They are trusting you with their most valuable and precious possession, their future. KIM provides clients with the terms and knowledge they need to be a savvy investor.

Doing more for your customers, does more for your brand loyalty.

You need a proven solution to engage your customers. KAI’s unique ability to track intent means each conversation is intelligent and helpful.

When KIM engages your customer, it keeps your customer’s goals at the forefront of the conversation.

KIM Educates your Customers

  • How’s my portfolio doing?
  • Portfolio updates
  • Top movers
KIM investment AI bot

KIM Tracks Goals and Keeps Your Customers in the Know Across Their Accounts, Portfolios, and Investments.

Investment recommendations and offers that come via intelligent conversations not only decrease your customer acquisition costs, but also increase your standing. Improve your customer’s perception that you actually understand their needs versus simply want to sell a product or service.

KIM delivers timely, contextual suggestions based on consumer banking analytics, so you can automatically improve your customer interactions.

KIM Keeps your Customers in the Know

  • Financial Literacy 
  • Definition of financial products 
  • Information about investment products
  • Account information
  • Portfolio performance

Handing Off to a Human Agent: KAI Shares Context for a Seamless Transition

Even the smartest systems cannot fulfill every imaginable customer request. KAI is designed to hand-off a conversation to a live chat agent or contact center agent, and knows how to keep the customer happy along the way.

  • notificationYour customer is notified that they are being transferred to a live chat agent.
  • contextKAI gives the agent the context he or she needs to get up to speed.
  • positive experienceThe customer gets a seamless, positive experience.
  • KAIWhen the live chat session is finished, KAI can take over the interaction again.
Take full control of your future

Platform Tools & Services

Kasisto KAI preview

Business Dashboard

Measure engagement, usage, system coverage, transfers to live agents, and more. When you have a direct line to the voice of a customer, you need a platform that can uncover new insights, recommend ways to optimize, and give you the tools to do it.

AI Training Analysis

Personalized AI Training & Analysis

Analyze the performance of the system. Train the AI models to increase the accuracy of existing conversations or add new ones. KAI’s machine learning paradigm puts you in the driver’s seat to teach KAI how to do more for your customers based on actual usage data and insights.

Conversation Manager

Conversation Management

Create, read, update, and delete the content used to build and design conversations. Manage content in one console and use the tools to segment and personalize conversations based on customer cohorts and market segments, as well as channels. This means your car insurance customers won’t get life insurance chatbot conversations and vice versa. Plus, you can run A/B tests and measure their impact directly from the Platform Console.

Conversational AI is Changing the Relationship
Between Investment Managers and Customers

Don’t Get Left Behind