Business Banking is Changing, and Digital Experiences Are Leading the Way.

Whether your clients are small business owners or large corporations, they’re all seeking a better way to access critical and timely information about their business’s finances.

KAI Business Banking delivers the engaging, contextual, and personalized digital experiences that today’s corporate finance teams demand.

KAI is trained to handle the complexities of business banking. KAI provides immediate access to information, services, and products, including: cash positions and cash flow, payments and wire information, aggregate holdings, and liabilities, by delivering this information through more human-like, digital conversations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your customers are busy running their business finances, so KAI provides critical information through a simple conversational interaction.

Kasisto KAI business banking user

Profound Interactions to Delight Customers.

Every Conversation is Human-Like & Intelligent

Running a business is complex. That’s why you need a smart assistant to support the needs of your business customers. KAI can track each conversation’s context so KAI-powered financial chatbots and virtual assistants create deeper, more human connections with your customers. We designed KAI to be goal-based and handle context tracking and changes in intent.

Meet Business Goals Through Exceptional Customer Journeys

KAI business banking chatbot

Servicing the Intricacies with
Intelligent Banking Conversations

Institutional banks are increasingly adding rich functionality into their web and mobile apps to help business customers self-serve. KAI does this naturally. Whether they want to perform complex workflows or simply navigate complex portals, KAI empowers your customers to achieve their goals and find what they need.

Even the simplest task, like getting a balance, is no easy feat when data is spread across multiple accounts, comprised of multiple currencies, and accessible to multiple users with different levels of permissions.

Connecting your customer’s users to their tasks is straightforward – simply ask KAI. They get quick help and you give better service – while also improving operational efficiencies and reducing contact center call volumes.

Some of the ways KAI services your business customers:

  • Manage multi-currency accounts
  • Quickly validate and check status on critical supplier, vendor, or other remittances or payments
  • Move money – conduct secure payment transactions such as ACH, wire, and bill pay
  • Dramatically reduce call center overhead and volume by rapidly answering questions within an intelligent virtual assistant
  • Search transactions, such as debits, credits, half-way holds, wires, payees, and currencies
  • Get cash balance and positions, and understand the cut-off times for transactions
  • Quickly respond to inquires regarding SBA loans and related government lending programs (PPP & EIDL)
KAI finance bot for customer engagement

Conversational Banking that Accomplishes More

Everyone could use some financial help – from the small business owner to the CFO. Whether they’re running their business, or managing an army of finance professionals, your customers count on you to help them achieve their goals.

That’s how KAI helps you. When KAI’s virtual assistant or banking chatbot engages your customer, it puts their goal at the forefront of the conversation and understands the context to fulfill their needs. Doing more for your customers does more for your brand loyalty and NPS scores.

Some of the ways KAI can increase customer engagement in banking:

  • See details about cash management – vendor and employee payments
  • Proactively notify customers when invoices are due or balance is low
  • Break down expenses
  • Receive alerts about account activities
  • Ask for financial best practices
Kasisto chatbot financial services - Banking AI Chatbot

Build Financial Business
Relationships That Last

Product recommendations and offers via intelligent conversations not only decrease costs, but also improve your customer’s perception that you actually understand their needs versus simply wanting to sell them something.

Some of the ways KAI leverages customer banking analytics to market and sell:

  • Apply for an account or for a loan
  • Recommend a loan for property, equipment, vehicles, and more
  • Suggest a line of credit
  • Increase a credit limit
  • Receive personalized marketing
  • Enroll in a promotion or campaign

Handing Off to a Human Agent: KAI Shares Context for a Seamless Transition

Even the smartest systems cannot fulfil every imaginable customer request. KAI is designed to hand-off a conversation to a live chat agent or contact center agent, and knows how to keep the customer happy along the way.

  • notificationYour customer is notified that they are being transferred to a live chat agent.
  • contextKAI gives the agent the context he or she needs to get up to speed.
  • positive experienceThe customer gets a seamless, positive experience.
  • KAIWhen the live chat session is finished, KAI can take over the interaction again.

KAI Is Fluent in
Business Banking

With KAI’s deep financial expertise, you hit the ground running while leveraging KAI’s knowledge across multiple channels. Getting to maket faster means delighting your customers sooner.

Tap on any of the banking intents to see KAI’s built in knowledge

Cash Positions
Transaction Inquiries
Reporting & Trends
Money Movements
New Products & Services
Bank Services
Banking Vocabulary

Read about KAI, our AI technologies and APIs – the brain behind KAI Business Banking. Meet KAI

Take full control of your future

Platform Tools and Services

Unlike other AI solutions that keep you trapped in a service cycle, KAI comes with everything you need to customize, maintain, and grow your conversational experiences. With KAI’s platform console you have a full suite of tools to measure engagement and continually train your virtual assistant to respond to ever-changing business goals. KAI is designed to help you easily add new features and services, channels, and markets.

Kasisto Kai Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Measure engagement, usage, system coverage, transfers to live agents, and more. When you have a direct line to the voice of a customer, you need a platform that can uncover new insights, recommend ways to optimize, and give you the tools to do it.

Kasisto KAI Artificial Intelligence Training Analysis Dashboard

Personalized AI Training & Analysis

Analyze the performance of the system. Train the AI models to increase the accuracy of existing conversations or add new ones. KAI’s machine learning paradigm puts you in the driver’s seat to teach KAI how to do more for your customers based on actual usage data and insights.

Kasisto KAI Conversation Manager Dashboard

Conversation Management

Create, read, update, and delete the content used to build and design conversations. Manage content in one console and use the tools to segment and personalize conversations based on customer cohorts and market segments, as well as channels.

This means your small business customers won’t get institutional banking conversations and vice versa. Plus, you can run A/B tests and measure their impact directly from the Platform Console.

Ensuring Smooth Integration with Data and Infrastructure

KAI understands how to speak the language of finance, and it’s also designed to play well with your back-end and front-end data, channels, and infrastructure. It’s been tested and proven to integrate and adhere to many leading banks’ rigorous and challenging IT and architecture standards and technologies.

In banking, compliance and security are mission-critical. KAI has that covered with authentication and authorization mechanisms, anonymized token integration, and 24/7 built-in monitoring. Plus, backend communications are encrypted to protect your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and meet local regulations.

Smooth Integration with Data and Infrastructure
Full Control
Over the UX

With our Conversational API, you can integrate KAI into your customer-facing channels and take control over the design of your consumer user experience in plain-text, rich media, and voice.

  • Mobile
    iOS and Android
  • Websites
    Public and Authenticated
  • Messaging Platforms
    Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and more
  • Voice-enabled Devices
    Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Make the
Conversation Personal

With our Enterprise API, you can securely authenticate customers and safely use their data to create meaningful engagements. With this abstract API, you specify what services you want to make available to KAI, including:

  • Customer Data
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Transfers
  • Payments
Go Beyond Banking – Do Sales, Marketing & More

In addition to core banking, you can use the Enterprise API to enhance the conversation and leverage other services already available. Banks typically integrate other services, such as:

  • Banking and Transaction Analytics Engines
  • Offers and Commerce Analytics Engines
  • Contextual Engines (which are often location-based)
  • CRM and Marketing Engines
Start the

With our Notification API, you can create proactive conversations triggered by marketing engines and events in a customer’s account or their usage patterns.

Ensure the
Handoff is Seamless

With the Live Agent API, you can integrate KAI into your live chat system for a seamless handoff to customer care teams.

the Data

With the Reporting API, you can export KAI’s data to filter, sort, and analyze it in your own reports beyond the KAI Business Dashboard.

The Experience Today’s Customers Want is Here
See How Your Financial Institution Can Grow with KAI