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KAI Banking on Mobile

Turn your app into an intelligent banking assistant


Imagine what your mobile app might do. Now, imagine that bigger. Imagine it done more intuitively, with no worry as to app real estate. Imagine it done incredibly quickly.

KAI Banking on Mobile does exactly that. Now, you can create entirely new customer journeys.


Virtual assistants.
Deliver delight.

Intelligent conversation feel like magic. Why navigate a menu when you could simply ask a question? Our virtual assistants perform complex tasks, remember context, and more. Switch between speech, text, and touch seamlessly. The conversation picks up where it left off.

Multiple mobile services. One destination.

Promote more mobile service offerings from a single access point: your app.

Starting with a simple query, customers access transactions and accounts and make payments. Our virtual assistants help with details or summaries and are smart enough to recognize expense categories, merchants, locations, and more.

They set budgets, track goals, and send smart alerts, allowing your app to help customers with personal finance management.

Customer onboarding, education, and support are a no-brainer.

With specifically targeted push notifications, virtual assistants can promote services and products.

Fast, agile, and responsive

Get your mobile app and new features in market faster. We’re talking days or weeks, not months. KAI Banking is a legacy-free conversational AI platform that includes a comprehensive banking API and modern SDKs for Android and iOS. Our lean, agile environment makes it easier to develop, pilot, deploy, and iterate. We support both cloud-based and on-premise deployments.

Customize, maintain, and grow

KAI-powered virtual assistants are easily customized to reflect your brand.

With the KAI Customer Portal, quickly add, integrate, and test new services and capabilities without releasing a new app.

Our backend management tools put you in charge of business analytics, annotation, persona customization, and real-time intent and content management.

From a single backend, manage your mobile assistants and messaging bots to maintain consistency across channels.

Fully secure environment

In banking, compliance and security are mission-critical. We deliver authentication and authorization mechanisms, anonymized token integration, and 24/7 built-in monitoring. Plus with encrypted backend communications, your customers’ PII is protected and regulations are met.