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KAI Banking on Messaging

Let your customers bank on today’s fastest growing channel


Messaging platforms are the center of our digital lives. What if you could deliver all of your bank’s services on messaging platforms and transform your customers’ engagement?

KAI Banking on Messaging does exactly that. Create new lifestyle banking experiences on leading platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Slack.


Smart bots.
Intelligent conversations.

Our high-IQ bots have the smarts and banking fluency to help manage money, track expenses, split and make payments, and give advice. They deliver instant, on-demand, contextual banking.

Create a ubiquitous digital banking experience. And, leverage messaging as a channel to attract new customers, especially the ever-elusive millennial.

Conversations that engage, transact, and delight

It’s a completely friction-free banking experience with no apps or menus. Customers text in plain English. Smart bots respond real-time to find answers, complete complicated requests, and even make predictions.

Intelligent conversations mean happier customers, reduced customer care calls, more brand loyalty, and a digitally-savvy competitive edge that sets your bank apart.

A wealth of possibilities

From a single backend, you can promote extensive services and introduce new features.

Accounts and Transactions
Finds details and summaries. From balances and interest rates to transactions based on expense categories, merchants, locations, and more.

Transfers money between accounts, makes credit card payments, pays bills and other people.

Personal Finance Management
Manages budgets and sets financial milestones. Smart alerts help keep track of goals.

Streamlines FAQs for customer on-boarding, education and support.

Sends highly-targeted push notifications about products and services.

Blazing fast deployment

KAI Banking on Messaging is a lean, agile environment for quick development, piloting, and deployment. Get to market in days or weeks, not months.

The frontend is app-less with zero user interface complexities. The backend includes comprehensive management tools for analytics, reporting, annotations, intent, content management and more. The deep-learning analytics toolset enables real-time data collection, statistical model training, testing, and deployment.

Want to take a look under the hood?

Customize, track, and improve

KAI-powered smart bots are fully customizable to reflect your brand’s tone, vernacular, and content across channels.

With no app to update, it’s incredibly easy to add, integrate, and test new services using the KAI Customer Portal.

Using our powerful analytics, you gain valuable insights into consumer behaviors that are unique to banking on messaging platforms. Measure bot performance, track KPIs, and identify ways to increase engagement with our modern reporting dashboard.

Fully secure environment

In banking, compliance and security are mission-critical. We deliver authentication and authorization mechanisms, anonymized token integration, and 24/7 built-in monitoring. Plus, backend communications are encrypted to protect your customers’ PII and meet regulations.