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The Power of Conversation

KAI, a conversational AI platform, makes engaging with customers as natural as chatting. It weaves easily into their everyday lives.

Conversational AI fluent in any industry

Conversation is the new user interface connecting people to products and services. Now, companies can engage in intelligent conversations with their customers using KAI-powered virtual assistants and smart bots. With industry-specific smarts, they speak the language of your business.


Chat bubbles

Transforming consumer banking

KAI Banking is conversational AI with deep financial knowledge. As a platform, it understands banking inside and out.

From mundane requests to complicated tasks, banking is as easy and natural as sending a text — whether it’s on a bank’s mobile app or Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Slack. KAI Banking is an entirely new experience.

Say hello to KAI

Out of the box, KAI Banking is fluent in banking so bots and assistants can help customers manage money, track expenses, analyze spending, make payments, and more.

With contextual and personalized conversations, they fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs in ways that are as natural as texting a friend.

Chatbots to humans: Move aside, I got this

“The results so far are impressive: Eighty-two percent of all customer support for digibank by DBS is handled through the bot, helping the company run the unit at about a fifth of the cost of running a traditional bank.”

This New Banking AI Is the Here and Now of Chatbots

“Kai is remarkably adept at understanding what I’m asking—and that’s largely because it’s focused solely on banking.”


MasterCard users will soon be able to manage their accounts over Facebook Messenger

“The new bot is currently in pilot testing, but the company says it will roll out to all of Facebook Messenger’s 1 billion users, starting early next year, in the U.S. first.”


Chat To Your Bank Through FB Messenger – Banking Apps Are So Last Year

“Its enterprise functionality is called KAI Banking on Messaging, which uses natural language processing, speech recognition and artificial intelligence. With it, banks can let consumers can make banking queries, predict needs and check on their previous spending.”


Do you need a bot to talk to your bank?

“Today, it’s unveiling a banking bot — so you can chat with it instead of dealing with the bank’s website, app, or (heaven forbid) calling in to customer service.”


Kasisto’s new bots want to be the Ask Me Anything of personal finance

“Kasisto’s new bots can answer a lot of people’s questions about their personal finances, along with other things like “Will robots take my job?”