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Kasisto Launches KAI Express – A Cloud Based Intelligent Digital Assistant Offering Designed for Rapid Deployment with a Results Acceleration Reassurance Guarantee

KAI Express offers a proven, pre-trained, and pre-configured digital assistant experience designed to be deployed in just 30 days, and delivered with an industry first reassurance program  

New York (July 13, 2021)Kasisto, creators of KAI, the leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry, has launched KAI Express, which includes everything financial institutions need to rapidly deploy an intelligent digital assistant, also referred to as a virtual assistant – to their customers. KAI Express comes pre-trained and fluent in banking on day one, delivered via the cloud, and ready to engage in banking conversations that surprise and delight customers from the moment they experience it.

An industry first within the conversational AI market, KAI Express is also delivered with a results acceleration reassurance program, which means “peace of mind” for financial institutions who deploy it. The program comes with an important “money back” guarantee; if after 90 days the bank or credit union is not satisfied with the rapid deployment experience and business outcomes delivered by KAI Express, they can end their subscription. 

“KAI Express breaks new ground by delivering a proven cloud based, economical, and scalable intelligent digital assistant experience that guarantees superior customer satisfaction as well as a high level of call containment and user engagement,” says Zor Gorelov, CEO & Co-Founder of Kasisto. “The reassurance guarantee is essentially a ‘love it or leave’ proposition and a first for our industry. Kasisto is confident that customers will be overjoyed with KAI Express, and we are standing behind our offering in this very meaningful way, thus reassuring the industry that KAI Express is a game changer in terms of the digital assistant experience and how quickly it can deliver results to banking customers across the industry.”

KAI Express leverages thousands of KAI’s pre-built conversational banking experiences, pre-trained on tens of millions of customer utterances, and pre-configured with best practices. Battle tested in production deployments over the past 8 years, they are designed to service banking customers’ needs and instantaneously respond to customer inquiries. Through its turnkey and fully hosted SaaS based model, KAI Express is able to be rapidly deployed and fully available to banking customers in as little as 30 days.

KAI Express is built on KAI, which has a proven track record of being deployed quickly and efficiently. This was recently experienced by TD Bank, who launched their KAI powered digital assistant in just three weeks, during the height of the pandemic. Their digital assistant was able to help customers gain immediate access to answers about relief programs and information about their personal finances and has served more than 3 million U.S. customer interactions since its launch. This achievement was recently recognized by Celent who awarded TD Bank the Celent Model Bank 2021 for “Supporting Customers in the Pandemic”.

“Using KAI Express technology, we were able to accelerate the launch of our Virtual Assistant in our U.S. mobile app. Congratulations to everyone involved in helping to support our customers with new innovations at such a critical time,” said Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD Bank Group.

“Intelligent digital assistants are an increasingly important component of a bank’s customer engagement portfolio,” says Bob Meara, senior analyst at Celent. “Historically, standing up a viable IDA was a heavy lift for many institutions. Kasisto wisely offers an out-of-the-box starting point that leverages the many common customer intents its ML-based models have refined across its broad client base.”

To experience how Kasisto Express can help your financial institution, visit us at kasisto.com/kai-express to get started.

About Kasisto

KAI is the leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry. Kasisto’s customers include J.P. Morgan, Westpac, Standard Chartered, TD, Manulife Bank, and credit unions such as Fairwinds and Excite – and many more. These financial institutions chose KAI for its proven track record to drive business results while improving customer experiences. The platform is engaging with millions of consumers around the world, all the time, across multiple channels, in different languages, and is optimized for performance, scalability, security, and compliance. KAI is built with the deepest Conversational AI portfolio in the industry. Kasisto is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore. Kasisto Singapore Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kasisto. For more information visit kasisto.com. Follow Kasisto on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.