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Kasisto and DBS Bank to Unveil Case Study at Digital Banking Conference

NEW YORK, June 8, 2017Kasisto Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Dror Oren and DBS Singapore Managing Director Tom McCabe will present a groundbreaking case study revealing the results of their yearlong omni-channel deployment across three countries at the American Banker Digital Banking Conference in Austin, Texas on June 12.

The Kasisto and DBS partnership started with the launch of DBS digibank, India’s first mobile-only bank, with KAI Banking powering its virtual assistant. Very quickly, DBS leveraged KAI Banking’s omni-channel capabilities to expand the KAI-powered assistant from mobile to the web and Facebook Messenger, and to extend from India to Indonesia and Singapore. This is the world’s most mature deployment of a conversational AI assistant in a bank to date, and the in-depth case study serves as a blueprint for the coming wave of global banking innovation.

“We have a year’s worth of evidence that proves implementing AI in financial institutions already greatly reduces costs while simultaneously improving the customer experience,” Oren said. “DBS has been a champion for this kind of innovation since day one, and I’m looking forward to showing off the real results and data with Tom.”

Oren and McCabe will dive into the proven use cases and best practices that led to significant cost savings as well as entirely new banking experiences. They will share what it takes to design, develop, deploy and maintain a chatbot that can handle 82% of digibank’s customer inquiries and requests without a live agent’s involvement.

Oren and McCabe will deliver this presentation on Monday, June 12 at 1:30 p.m. CT during the Bot Bootcamp portion of the conference.

About Kasisto
Founded in 2013, Kasisto is on a mission to enable companies to attract, engage, support, and transact with their customers via human-like, intelligent conversations, anytime, anywhere. Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, powers omni-channel bots and virtual assistants with deep domain expertise across mobile apps, web, messaging platforms, wearables, and IoT devices. With contextual and personalized conversations, they fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs as well as help companies support, market, and upsell products and services. Built with the deepest AI portfolio in the industry, KAI is an agile platform with self-service tools to customize and continually improve consumer experiences and seamlessly add new features. As an SRI International spin-off, Kasisto leverages decades of artificial intelligence research and IP to create a full-stack, scalable, enterprise-ready platform. For more information visit www.kasisto.com and follow @kasistoinc on Twitter.

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