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We’re training KAI to help people manage investments and portfolios

KAI investment management

Today, at MobileBeat 2016, we announced that KAI is learning to invest. We are taking our extensible platform and training KAI to understand investment portfolios and market dynamics, so people can set smart alerts and conduct secure and authorized transactions.

We partnered with TRADEIT, a leading investing technology company to integrate their API with our KAI platform so consumers can manage their portfolios on Facebook Messenger. Just like MyKAI helps consumers manage their money, track spending and pay people, soon consumers will be able stay on top of their investments via the same intelligent conversations.


Our investing bot will be available to consumers this Fall. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of the types of questions you will be able to ask it.

  • What’s the value of my e-trade account?
  • How many shares of FB do I own?
  • Buy 100 shares of IBM at the market
  • Can I get a quote on ABC company?

We are currently working on training KAI on millions of additional investing and trading interactions. I can’t wait to have you try them out.

You can read VentureBeat’s coverage here: Kasisto’s chatbot will soon trade stock on Facebook Messenger.