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What’s New in MyKAI

Line Messaging App

We built MyKAI, our banking bot for consumers, with our extensible KAI Banking platform, so we can quickly design, test, iterate and deploy more features. When we roll out new features, both KAI Banking and MyKAI become richer, and what we learn from our MyKAI customers feeds directly into our platform.

We’re all about intelligent, human-like conversations so with every release, we improve how Kai converses. Whether that’s increasing our banking fluency with structured and unstructured machine learning, or tightening the connection between natural language understanding and reasoning, we’re always improving how we enable open-ended conversations.

We’re not talking about machine-like ask and respond conversations. We took the next step in linear conversations to create ones that are not only personal and accurate but also sequential. Every conversation is an opportunity for Kai to contextually respond with more information, suggest the next step, teach something new, mention a new product or feature, and more. And, Kai can be a conversation-starter too – picking up from the last thread to encourage an action. This is all possible because Kai interprets the context of a conversation to keep track of the flow and customer’s goal. 

Kai knows how to handle the idiosyncratic phrases, rapidly changing topics, and interruptions that are inherent in human conversations. When you combine that with subject matter expertise, then you have meaningful, intelligent conversations. 

We’re also improving the experience by taking advantage of all of the features available in messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. When they release, we integrate.  

Here’s how KAI-powered conversations got smarter and more visual in our recent releases.


Push Notifications – Designed to Engage, Not Just Inform



Now, our push notifications include rich media buttons like this one asking if you want to analyze your spending with an overview. These messages are designed to start a personalized conversation – they go beyond a static notification that simply informs. They are customized, personalized, and take advantage of the rich media in Facebook Messenger to encourage a reply and the next exchange in a conversation.

Spending Insights –  “Show” Big picture and Details

You can view your spending by categories, merchants, and cities in a visual that displays spending breakdowns. Then, you can drill down and view your transactions in a category, merchant or city – just swipe through the carousel of transactions.

Transactions – Share, Map, and More

Transactions are no longer flat, text lists. You can take a deeper dive into each transaction and not only get the details but also share the transaction. Need to jog your memory? Take a look at the map and street view of where the location took place.

Discoverability  – Features, Tips, and More

A conversation is a journey and we’re using quick reply buttons to both guide you and help you discover more. As a guide, these buttons give quick responses, provide jumping points into deeper dives, and recommend an action, like set a budget alert. As a teacher, they help you discover what you can do with a smart banking bot since the experience is entirely different than your bank’s mobile app.

For example, Kai can suggest that you look at what you spent at a particular merchant, nearby, within a spending category, and more. Each quick-reply button is contextual to the current conversation.

These are just some of the ways MyKAI and KAI Banking are getting smarter and engaging- stay tuned for more!