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Partnering with Varo Money to Power Val, a New Digital Money Coach


We are really pleased to announce that Varo chose KAI Banking to power their innovative bot and money coach, Val. Varo is creating a banking experience to empower consumers to be in more control of their finances, and they are targeting millennials who are “hands on” with their money, focused on managing cash flow and meeting specific savings goals.

Enter Val – a KAI-powered bot that delivers insights into spending, savings, borrowing and helps people set goals as well as offer updates and encouragement about their progress. Val’s insights are always personal, relevant, timely, and actionable. Varo is bringing together this intelligent bot with deposit account, debit card, savings, and lending in a single intuitive app. So in addition to insights, Val will also help answer FAQs, provide banking and app support, and assist performing transactions.

All of Val’s human-like conversations take advantage of our platform’s deep domain expertise in banking and our unique ability to hold intelligent conversations because of how we combine our natural language understanding with reasoning. Val is both smart and well-designed using text, images, rich media as well as navigational elements such as buttons and deep links.

At Kasisto, we’re reimagining and reinventing how banking is done. When we met the Varo team, we understood immediately that they share the same vision for the future of banking — one with financial decisions woven into everyday life so people can make smart decisions in the moment. What better way than with a money coach like Val. 

In the words of Varo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Colin Walsh:

“The common thread here is ‘empowerment.’ We are transforming banking to improve the financial lives for a generation of consumers often overlooked by traditional banks”, said Varo CEO and Co-Founder Colin Walsh. “Kasisto had exactly what we were looking for in a partner — a trusted AI portfolio with deep banking know-how combined with the agility of a startup. Together, we’re creating a digital money coach that’s intuitive, personalized and simple to use – just a text away 24/7. We’re excited to be on the forefront empowering people in partnership with Kasisto.”

We encourage people to sign up for early access to the Varo Money app and smart bot, Val, on the Varo website.  For more details about our partnership with Varo, please see our press release and this article on VentureBeat. Interested in turning your customer communications in profound interactions? Contact us.

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