Banking customers don’t just prefer to engage digitally; they expect to.

And those expectations don’t stop at the screen.

They want you to understand them and anticipate their needs – then deliver on-demand, anytime service that meets them on their terms. Customer service is often the first touchpoint your customers have with your brand, and let’s face it, conventional chat technologies fall way short.

If you’re going to meet customer expectations and attract new prospects, you have to get the digital experience right.

KAI - Kasisto The Bank-Smart Digital Experience Platform

Meet KAI: The Bank-Smart Digital Experience Platform

Now you can automate amazing customer experiences.

KAI lets you adopt a set of AI-powered digital assistants trained to emulate your best bankers. They host human-like conversations, typically matching and often exceeding live agent performance — and KAI makes it possible in real-time, any time, across all your channels.

“Bank-smart?” Absolutely. KAI is at work in some of the world’s largest financial institutions where it’s been optimized to field hundreds of millions of phrases with astounding speed and accuracy. Deep conversational AI and financial expertise allow KAI to analyze account activity, generate insights, and consider past interactions to weave in context from previous conversations.

KAI then brings it all together to provide intuitive recommendations from your virtual best banker – who embodies your brand, knows your customer, and is ready to help them discover exactly what they need.

Meet Kai

KAI Consumer

Kasisto’s intelligent digital assistant is ready to create amazing consumer banking experiences.

Resolve common service requests almost instantly, and proactively deliver insights and solutions that help customers make meaningful discoveries.

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KAI Business

Our digital assistant is ready to help you exceed the expectations of your most important customers.

The complexity and sophistication required in business banking have made it the last frontier for automated solutions. KAI Business takes you there.

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About Us

At Kasisto, we automate amazing.

Backed by nearly a decade of experience working with larger financial institutions like TD Bank and JPMorgan Chase, we’re revolutionizing the way that banks and credit unions of all sizes create more engaging banking experiences.

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