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MyKAI is a Banking Chatbot For Lazy Financial Keeping

The chatbot, which can be contacted through Facebook Messenger, Slack, or text, can help make some financial management tasks a…

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Say Hello to KAI

On Tuesday, we ushered Kai into the world. Kai is the smart bot inside MyKAI. We built MyKAI to give…

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Meet MyKAI: The Bank Account Focused Chatbot

Going to a physical bank branch can often be the same as going to the DMV – long lines, surly…

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Kasisto Introduces KAI, a Smart Bot for Banking

I tested MyKAI last week and asked it, “How much did I spend on food last month?” KAI delivered an…

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Chat To Your Bank Through FB Messenger — Banking Apps Are So Last Year

Now consumers can text or talk to their bank through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and SMS using…

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Kasisto releases smart bots for banking in Facebook, Slack and SMS

Kasisto, an AI company launched out of SRI International and backed by the world’s most innovative banks, today announced KAI…

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Do you need a bot to talk to your bank?

They’re here — or they’re about to be. The wave of bots. We’ve been waiting for them for half a…

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How a Bot Convinced Me to Stop Buying Junk on Amazon

Last week, while testing out a new bot called MyKai, I discovered—maybe “realized” is the better word here—that I had…

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Kasisto’s new bots want to be the Ask Me Anything of personal finance

Kasisto, a spinoff of Siri-maker SRI International, introduced two bots to the personal finance bot space today with MyKAI and…

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This Bot Wants To Be Your Personal Banker

Not everyone can afford a personal wealth manager, but thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence technology, you might never need…

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